Go Where Your Spirit Takes You!
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Time to de-stress and embrace nature's tranquilitiy.

Taste the RV lifestyle. Exit the confinement of a scheduled day and shift to a gentler pace.

Tips for the experienced and unexperienced camper.

Go Where Your Spirit Takes You!

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  • Campfire Restrictions are implemented as local fire hazards or dangers, weather conditions and fire activity demand, to help to protect the population of, and property and values in, British Columbia. Click here for updated information.
  • The River Forecast Centre posts high and low river and stream advisories that include flooding. Click her for updated information.
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  • In 2016 the Camping and RVing British Columbia Coalition was named BC Parks 2015 Community Partner of the Year. The Coalition is a non-profit group raising awareness about the wide range of camping and RV experiences across British Columbia.

Camping and RVing in British Columbia, Canada surpasses the ordinary and frees the spirit! British Columbia’s vast mountain ranges, miles of beaches, sparkling lakes, flowing rivers and lush, green forests offer the ultimate experience.

Immerse yourself in nature and spend days enjoying the carefree camping lifestyle while sleeping under the stars. Whether travelling in a RV or pitching a tent the Camping and RVing BC Coalition can help you find your temporary home, that special campground in British Columbia.

British Columbia’s backyard provides campers and RVers with numerous choices of camping sweet spots. Over 1,500 campgrounds are located throughout the provinces pristine outdoors, and just waiting to accommodate the varying needs of campers with sites (pitches) ranging from rustic to full service.

There are four unique camping experiences to choose from:

  • Provincial campgrounds (BC Parks)
  • Privately operated campgrounds and RV parks (including municipal campgrounds)
  • National campgrounds (Parks Canada)
  • Recreation Sites and Trails BC (operated by the provincial government)

So gear up and get on the road!

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