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5 Christmas Gifts for the Camper

December is here which means Christmas and the holiday season are almost upon us. We have been searching for some unusual gifts that could delight that avid camper. Here are five ideas to put under the tree.

Dysan Fan/Heater

Dyson Fan/Heater

We’ve all been at a campsite when the weather is a little on the warm side and it’s just starting to get dark, and a jump in the lake to cool off is out of the question.  And we all know at twilight the mosquitoes start to come out.  So the last thing you probably want to do is sit in your camp chair.  Well, Dyson has you sorted.  I know it’s a little pricy, but the level of your comfort will make you happy in the end.  The all-new Dyson Fan/Heater has thought of the all-season camper.  In the winter you can have it on for added heat and during the summer use it to cool you off and it’s as quiet as a church mouse too!  So it’s great for the RV’s close quarters.  Most fans you plug in and turn on and they stay on until you shut them off, not Dyson, this fan has smart technology that prevents wasted energy.

Coleman Camp Oven

Coleman Camp Oven

Coleman never ceases to amaze me.  For this year’s 5 best, I could not miss this – The Coleman Camp oven.  I have even put it on my own personal wish list.  Who doesn’t want to have fresh baked muffins or to heat up some left-overs or even bake a pizza while camping?  This 13 ½ X 12 ½ inch oven folds flat for storage, is lightweight and is designed to sit on top of your Coleman camp stove.  It even has racks that can adjust to three heights and has an easy to read thermometer.

Giga Pop-Up Change Tent

Giga Change Tent

Have you ever been at the beach and had to change in or out of your bathing suit?  Holding up a towel for the kids, or if it’s you rolling around in your blanket to get changed?  No longer will you have to do that with the help of Giga Tent and their 3’ X 3’ changing pod.  It is 6 ½ feet high so it fits most people.  It folds down into a nice little 2 X 2 carrying case.

Photo Stick

Photo Stick

Cell phone cameras are continually changing, and I hear some say that they can take better photos with their new phone than they could with their clunky DSLR.  So, it’s a good thing that there are products like the 4 in 1 D-elfin Photo Stick – a new device that saves your photos and videos from your phone.  It has a USB, Lightning, Micro USB and Type C, so it covers almost every phone.  Now you can save your photos while you are on that camping trip and avoid the risk of losing them to accidental deletion or worse a broken or missing phone.

Master Lock Safe

Master Lock

And this brings me to my last item for Christmas giving.  We all go camping and head to the beach and because we like to take photos, we bring our cell phone or we bring car or RV keys, and perhaps we forgot to take off the jewelry before heading into the water.  Wouldn’t you like to know that your items are safe?  Well I do, that’s why I ordered a Master Lock 5900, and its dimensions are 9” long, 5” wide and 2” deep. No longer do one of us have to stay back to look after our valuables while the other goes swimming.

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Published: December 5th, 2019

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