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5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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The vast and breathtaking landscape of British Columbia is the perfect backdrop for any RV trip. That’s why so many travelers are investing in these homes on wheels and setting out to see the sights and take in the natural beauty of this scenic and picturesque part of Canada.

However, even the most seasoned traveler loves a bit of home comfort, so spending long periods of time cooped up in the same four walls of your RV can become tiresome. Fortunately, all it takes is a few finishing touches to make any campervan feel like your home-away-from-home.

Home-Away-from-Home Entertainment System

One of the main things that anyone misses when on the road for a long time is an opportunity to curl up in front of the TV with your duvet and watch a good film. It’s the perfect end to any day spent hiking, climbing, skiing or kayaking and really makes you feel like you’re in your own home. This is easier to achieve than you might imagine in an RV.

All you have to do is bring along your laptop or tablet, download a few movies and you’re good to go. Similarly, you can even use streaming sites like Netflix by setting up your phone as a mobile data hotspot or parking up near to a public WiFi network. However, if you are going to rely on public networks then be sure to have a Virtual Private Network installed to protect your data from theft and even unblock certain sites if you’ve traveled in from overseas.

Stay Cozy

Courtesy of Orin Zebest Under CC by 2.0

Courtesy of Orin Zebest Under CC by 2.0

Temperatures can get pretty chilly in BC, and nothing will have you longing for your own bed at home more than not being able to get warm. Because of this, an essential addition to any RV is plenty of cushions, covers and duvets. While there are many heating options for the vehicles, most are costly and drain fuel very quickly.

Sticking to the traditional “wrapping-up” approach is by far your cheapest and easiest bet. Keep plenty of extra layers packed away as well so you always have an extra jumper to throw on in case of emergencies. Nothing makes a place feel like home more than being able to come back, get warm, snuggle up and rest for the evening.


People might call you strange for hanging up posters and pictures on the walls of a vehicle—particularly if you’ve rented it. But if that vehicle is the place you’re going to call home for any duration of time, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it feel that way.

The one thing any traveler misses more than anything is friends and family, so why not stick photographs of your loved ones up so you never have to feel that far away. Even souvenirs and presents from specific trips can help to make the environment feel like your own. Coming home to familiar sights and faces makes you feel warm and welcome no matter where you are, so ignore what others say and get decorating!


While decorating is a great step to aesthetically making your RV feel like your home, personalizing it is equally as important. We all have specific things that we miss when we’re away and other things we can’t live without, so customizing the practical aspects of your campervan to make them right for you is an essential step.

Whether you want a picnic table and chairs so you can spend the evening sat outside around the fire, an extra mini-fridge to stock up on all your favorite snacks or maybe even your full haircare and cosmetic collection so you can still look your best despite the windy mountain spots and snowy winter days, if it’s important to you then make sure you have it there! One of the luxuries of traveling in an RV is you don’t have to restrict what you can bring to things you can carry, so don’t be afraid to stock up! Once you have, you’ll be ready to plan your next road trip in no time.

Get Familiar

No matter what steps you take to make your RV feel like home, there’s one that is sure to make you feel more comfortable on wheels than back home—using it! The more time you spend in the van, the more you will feel familiar, until eventually the thought of leaving it will be harder than it was to go away in the first place.

When on the road, your RV can very quickly become your sanctuary, so get stuck in, get involved and get acquainted. After you’ve had to change a tire halfway up a mountain pass or fix an engine problem on a deserted Yukon highway, you’ll feel like your RV is as much a part of you than anything else in your life.

Do you have any more tips for making your RV feel like home? Or have you had experience road-tripping around BC? Be sure to leave a comment and share your experiences below.

Published: April 21, 2016
Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Jess Signet by Jess Signet

Jess Signet is a travel writer, blogger and avid adventurer. She caught the bug for RV travel during a long overseas road trip and hopes these tips and ideas will be useful to readers of Travel British Columbia.