According to Plan…Sooke Potholes

Picture of sooke river campsite

We decided we wanted to go camping, the time was right and we knew just where we wanted to go; Sooke River Campground; For two reasons: One, it’s a nice place on Vancouver Island near enough to Sooke Potholes to go swimming and see our friends and, two it’s a very short walk from the main road. The second reason is important because our bags were large and laden with ‘the essentials’, and thus we were thrilled at the prospect of not carrying them for very long.

Sooke river

We spent the warm September day hiking and swimming in the Potholes and ate at the diner nearby operated by some nice English people, the cook of whom may or may not have cheekily gave us a large nugget of exceptionally delicious fish. Come nightfall we laid down on the grass and admired the Milky Way until it was time for sleep and to escape the mosquitos, may they all be eaten by spiders.

Sleep did not come easily, if at all that night. The thin blanket we brought failed to keep us warm, as did our extra clothes and hoodies and tiny candles do not produce copious amounts of heat. Hard packed soil is not therapeutically lumpy, rather, uncomfortably so; foam padding was not in the budget, stretched thin already.
That night was quite a long one, but the morning sun was never a more welcome sight. Such joy I felt, to see the sun beam slowly inch across the river to a place I could stand and feel its warming caress; it felt good not to be cold.

tent at Sooke River

Our friends we came to see in Sooke played heroes the following night by delivering unto us 3 very large blankets for us to do with as we wished. One for our backs, weary with strain with another days hiking, and two for the rest of us to keep us warm.Sleep came easily the second night and the whole trip more memorable, just as we planned.

Written by: Robyn Burgess – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: August 30th, 2015

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