BC Camping Reflections

Two boys sitting on a log fishing

The boys are getting older, camping has changed in many ways. They are starting to remember, and cherish all of these days. We take for granted these scenic views forgetting that for a child.These mountains, lakes and sandy beaches appear magical and wild!

Picture of a camping S'more

No cell service, no world distractions, just melting marshmallows over a campfire reflecting on, how fast our children grow.

Little boys playing at the beach

From eating sand while wearing diapers, to building castles with moats. Baiting their own fishing hooks, and fishing from the boat. Discovering different creatures, while walking on the trails. Wide-eyed excitement after what our hike unveils!From camping in tents and now RV’s, some things remain the same. The swimming, the fishing, the quality time, let’s do it all over again!

Written by: Jesse Wild – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: August 3rd, 2015

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This post as been submitted voluntarily by the above author as an entry to the Camping and RV BC Coalition " BC Camping Story Contest".

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Avatar Nikki Bennett says:

wow! great photos and cute story!! what a beautiful lake!

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