Canoe Trip at Bowron Lakes

Two people in canoe on a lake

My Mother Inlaw’s First Canoe Trip

A couple of years ago my mother-in-law read a story on the Nation Lakes canoe route in Beautiful BC and mentioned to us that we should take her on this paddling trip. My husband and I spend (almost) all our free time paddling and she always admired the places we explored.

Since she was 74 at the time and had never paddled a canoe, we thought that maybe we should do something a tad tamer. We convinced her to do the Bowron Lakes circuit. There are a lot of established sites and shelters along the way, and with the extra security of the park staff, we thought this would be the perfect solution.


Family Canoe Trip at Bowron Lakes

We originally planned for a “family reunion” trip, as my husband has 9 siblings, but due to last minute cancellations, we were down to 4 boats which worked out perfect for easy travel.
We planned to do the loop in 8 days to keep the mileage per day down.

We had a bear wander into camp at Indianpoint, saw a moose on Issac Lake, and again on the Cariboo River, picked blueberries, raspberries and huckleberries  – and baked “berry” coffeecake in our “outback oven”. We had sun, we had rain. It was a trip of a lifetime…  My mother-in-law did incredible… She’s a natural for sure! She made it look easy.

Making dinner while camping

Baked Berry Coffee Cake

We still reminisce about this much in fact that my mother-in-law is ready to do it again! We have it all planned again for next year – only she’ll be turning 80 this time… can’t wait!

Written by: Annamarie Douglas, submitted as a contest entry.

Published: October 24th, 2014

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