Burke-Pinecone Provincial Park – Canoe, hike, swim, camp

Widegeon Lake

Widgeon Lake

Parking at Pitt Lake and renting a canoe at Grant Narrows, we packed our belongings in garbage bags and secured them in the canoe… just in case! There was barely anyone on the water so early in the morning so it was a peaceful paddle into the marshlands. Around us the mountains rose on all sides, and we were surrounded by lush green vegetation and so many forms of birdlife. About an hour later we arrived at Widgeon Creek Campsite and pulled ashore, setting up camp amongst the trees and overlooking the water in beautiful well maintained sites.

Canoes pulled up to the shore in front of Widgeon Creek Campsite

Widgeon Creek Campsite

A relaxing easy to navigate 3km hike through the forest followed as we arrived at Widgeon Falls and sat back to appreciate the rock pools and crystal clear blue-green water below beckoning us in for a swim. And who were we to resist?! Definitely chilly for sure – but very refreshing! This alone could be the perfect day trip in itself.

But craving more, we continued along the trail, passing several more picturesque waterfalls…. And then the real hike began! The last section was a fun but steep scramble up rock, over roots, around trees, and trail searching – it was definitely adding to the adventure we were after! It was seemingly never ending – until suddenly it all became worthwhile as the view opened to a gorgeous pristine lake surrounded by Rocky Mountains – Amazing!

Gnarly roots on hike

Hiking over roots

Walking down and dangling our feet in Widgeon Lake was the perfect way to take it all in as we enjoyed a (really!) late lunch before exploring around. It was a long day by the time we returned to camp – about 18km / 8 hours – with lots of snack breaks! Our advice – take a lot of water – it shouldn’t be underestimated!

Swimming area at Widgeon falls

Widgeon falls swimming area

A lazy evening and next morning enjoying the serene location and sociable fellow campers, we returned to the falls for a dip before paddling back out to ‘real life’ to re-join the rat race relaxed and ready! Such an unbelievable location so close to the city!

Written by: Karinya Kosh-Submitted as a contest entry

Published: November 7th, 2014

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I want to go camping there, im coming from Fontana California

Avatar Adventure Mom says:

You will love camping in BC! We have over 1500 campgrounds to choose from.

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