Camping in British Columbia

chipmunk in tree eating nuts

Furry visitor while camping

Camping is my favorite past time. What a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying beautiful British Columbia. Every Friday we load up our trailer for the weekend and enjoy BC  parks. We always try a new location, and I keep a camping journal, with my favorites spots for next time!

girls standing in a lake

Cooling down with friends is always more fun!

This year we have enjoyed  Herald Provincial, Ellison Provincial, Shuswap Lake  Provincial, Paul Lake, North Barriere Lake, Pillar Lake, Silver  Beach  Provincial, Johnson  Lake, Heffley Lake and September long weekend we will try Harrison Hot Springs! What great memories we are making for our family. Our daughter always brings a buddy, and we enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and walking the dog.

small dog in a canoe

All aboard! Let’s row.

Our dog knows when Fridays are, and is anxious to hop in the truck to our next adventure! Our summer has been so full, even though we work full time, our two day weekends are so enriching, relaxing, and adventurous, I can’t imagine spending weekends any other way!

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Published: August 22nd, 2014

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