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Camping Outside Of The Norm

Picture of Sunshine Valley RV Resort on a brisk cold day

Sunshine Valley RV Resort

Combine kids’ busy schedules with fall weather in BC and what do you get? Less personal time, stress and cool night temperatures.

So, to break out of the fall humdrum hold, I decided to look into a winter camping trip. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. Just think. Camping off-season would give us an experience of pure tranquility like none other. We would escape from the masses and unwind as we sit by a crackling campfire or walk the deserted trails along a rushing river.

Now the first challenge I faced was the fact that we only have a tent. As much as I enjoy adventure, sleeping on a cold, wet ground and freezing did not sound appealing.

So then the thought hit me to look into renting an RV, and found a lot  of great information on the winter RV rental  link of the Canadream website. Prices vary according to type of unit and dates and you can obtain a price online by completing the RV rental pricing and availability.

Next was to locate year-round campgrounds. This turned out to be easier than I expected as there is a Winter Camping in BC page on this site that lists BC campgrounds and RV parks that are open year round, and there are a lot to choose from.

The site also provides Winter Camping Tips & Activities as well as Winter Camping Videos and other resources to help make my camping trip a lot easier.

Now, I just have to narrow down my search and look at nearby activities and the amount of travel time required to each destination.

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Published: October 31st, 2013

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by Adventure Mom

Alenna, raised in British Columbia, has been camping and playing in the outdoors all her life. Her earliest camping memory is at age 2. She was sleeping in her parent’s camperized van and was woken up by her parents frantically trying to to scare a bear away by flashing their headlights on and off. Today she continues to camp with her own family without further bear incidences! You can find her racing in triathlons, practicing yoga, snowboarding, skiing, hiking or lazing in her lawn chair at a hidden campground gem.