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Cape Scott Provincial Park

Sandy beach at Cape Scott

In June last year, my boyfriend Frank and I lived an amazing experience when we went backpacking the North Coast Trail in Cape Scott Provincial Park on northern Vancouver Island. It’s was certainly one of the hardest trip, but so much rewarding in every ways! We spent weeks training, reading and getting ready for this one week trip.

Tent camping on the beach

Some people like big hotels and fancy resting places, we prefer to get lost in the nature with our tent! BC’s camping’s are intimate and offer various beautiful scenery from lakes, to glaciers to old giant trees. We’ve traveled many times in BC and are always surprised to see these gigantic mountains and to be surround by this green nature in our camping sites.

We love being outdoor together alone and in union with the nature. Our camping’s spots along the North Coast Trail were some of the most beautiful and unique spots in BC wilderness.

We experienced solitude during this week, but also meet nice people on the trail and came across a big black bear one night on the beach just before getting to our campground at Laura Creek! One of my life’s scariest moment that I will never forget. The bear was laying on the beach eating algae. We slowly had to pass in front of him. My pounding beating heart, the sound of the ocean, my boyfriend talking and walking really slowly next to me … it seems that the world stopped for a second there.

tent camping at Cape Scott provincial park

That night I understood and still truly believe that if you respect the nature, nature will respect you. We’re all part of the same living system that has so much to offer!

Couple standing in front of a North Coast Trial sign

We’re already looking forward to more camping, hiking and backpacking trips in BC this summer and are planning to visit Vancouver Island for 3 weeks next summer. Our next target: the West Coast Trail. We just can’t get enough of BC’s wilds and want to explore our outstanding Canada even more. Life’s an adventure and we’re part of it!

Written by: Mylene Poulin – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: July 15th, 2015

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