Christmas, a mixed bag

Christmas stockings hung by fire

Christmas Time is Here!

I read somewhere that the majority of Canadians dislike Christmas and this made me stop and think.  Where do I stand?  I love Christmas because I get quality time with family and friends, embrace the joy of giving, surrender to the unscheduled days and eat all the forbidden foods without guilt!

However, what I don’t like is that it can also be a bit stressful at times. Kids are home, juggling family and friends’ social activities, weight gain, overspending and last minute Christmas shopping can make it so. The latter makes me feel really disappointed as afterwards I seem to think of gifts I’d rather bought or made.

Sooooo….this year I decided to be proactive and change a dislike into a like. Novel idea, eh! Of them all, my greatest dislike was not taking time to put more thought into my choice of gifts for each of my loved ones. I believe the act of giving a gift is joyous.  It also creates a bond between the giver and receiver and for me this is true magic. So, I set aside one evening, put on some Christmas music, sat beside the fire with my cup of tea and made out my Christmas shopping list!!  Next, I looked at my calendar for a few days to shop. I just get a knot in my stomach thinking about the time I spend dashing from store to store, worried I won’t find anything I want and then another novel idea hit me.  What about on-line shopping!  Though I’d never done it before because I get more enjoyment browsing, and actually seeing and touching stuff in the stores, to maximize my time I decided to take a look at it.

Okay, before going further with this, I should admit I have missed out on the awesome Black Friday sales. That will be on next year’s list for Christmas Self-Improvement. Now, I have only 2 weeks before Christmas!

Online I found some really exciting stuff for the campers on my list and I just have to pass them along to you.  You’ll find my list below.

Tent Cot

Super awesome, multifunctional, waterproof tent cot that can be used also for a camping chair, lounge chair, spare bed or on it’s own as a tent! Easy to setup and pack away. Compacts into a 32”x30”x 6” carry bag.

A Cot that also is a tent

Waterproof Tent Cot

Outbound Expresso maker
For the Coffee Affecionados. Don’t go without!  Enjoy an expresso in the outdoors with this coffee maker. Makes two cups. Lightweight and small for easy storage is a bonus!

Coleman’s Portable Propane Stove/Oven
Great for the camping chef’s on your list. A stove and oven while cooking in the outdoors

Coleman Ceiling Tent Fan With Fan
A battery run tent fan that is very light and  can attach anywhere with magnetic backing.

Tent Kit
Handy tent kit that keeps your tent clean during your campout. Comes with broom and nesting dustpan and stake puller in a portable mesh bag.

Mosquito Repellent
Consider natural a natural mosquito repellent with no deet.

Egg holder
No more squished eggs!  A container that keeps egg from getting broken.

A great alternative to matches or a lighter.

An organizer helper
Keep everything in one place. Stand can be used inside or outside. The drawers are removable and the top of shelf doubles as a table or counter.

Wishing you and yours the warmth of love over the holiday season with family and friends, and a New Year of happiness.

Published: December 12th, 2013

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2 thoughts on "Christmas, a mixed bag"

Avatar Barbara Dobree says:

All the suggestions, except the Fishfinder watch and the Coleman stove/oven have either broken links, page no longer available or the product is not longer available.
Could this be updated or different items listed?
I liked the idea of the items but no info. available.
Thanks, Barb

Avatar Adventure Mom says:

Hi Barb,

Thanks for your feedback. We updated the links, however we had to replace some of them because the manufacturer(s) was no longer producing some of the products.

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