Elfin Lake Camping…worth the blister!

View of Elfin Lake

Ok…This is my story regarding my first back country hike which my hubby and I did this summer. Well, you can imagine being a couple of back country hiker noobies we made some decisions in regards to our back packs which made the trek quite a bit more challenging then it should of been. Note to self, less is GOOD! Especially when hiking up…up…up.

Nonetheless, we concentrated on our destination, Elfin Lake, in Garibaldi provincial park. Along the path we spied a huge black bear who promptly left the area.
Stopped at a little waterfall which meandered beautifully down the side of a rock face. Noticed the terrain changing as we got ever higher into the alpine regions which went from vast meadows of butterfly covered heather to rocky outcrops covered in patches of melting snow.

Trail to Elfin Lake

When we arrived at Elfin Lake we were greeted by two beautiful alpine lakes which was a very welcoming sight as by this time we were quite tired and were anticipating a swim in the crystal clear water.

View at the top of Garibaldi Provincial Park

But no….too icy cold, so we opted to just cool off our feet instead and enjoy the magnificent vistas.
The hike down the next day was something else being that I had blisters on my big toe, ouch…. so it was a bit slow going, but again, the amazing scenery, the absolute quiet which gave one the feeling of being in a sacred place, made this first back country hike a very memorable one.

Written by: Judith Stefancic – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: August 27th, 2015

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