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Exploring British Columbia’s Recreation Sites and Trails: Lundbom Lake

Lundbom Lake Sunset

Lundbom Lake Sunset

Sometimes, the weather can be tough in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Rain and overcast skies can put a serious damper on our motivation to get out of the house and into the great outdoors. Last spring, we put the dreary weather behind us and headed to the Nicola Valley to explore Lundbom Lake, one of BC’s fabulous Recreation Sites.

After doing some preliminary research at home, we discovered that Lundbom Lake, less than half an hour from Merritt, offered a huge range of outdoor activity opportunities including fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and ATVing. Without a second thought, we loaded up our dog, our tent trailer, and our mountain bikes and headed for the much sunnier weather of BC’s interior for a weekend getaway.

Accessing Lundbom Lake is quite simple. From Merritt, take Highway 5A/97C (the Okanagan Connector) then turn off on Lundbom Lake Road – a well maintained gravel road. Upon leaving the highway, you first pass the Laurie Guichon Grasslands Interpretive Area. This is a really neat area with interpretive signage, a short trail, a viewing platform, and a wildlife tree. It makes for an interesting and informative stop to learn about grasslands ecology and local history.

Lundbom Lake Campsite

Lundbom Lake Campsite

Next the road passes Marquart Lake, the first option for camping. Marquart Lake is interesting because the water level has been rapidly decreasing and you can clearly see where the lake used to be. Marquart Lake has both tenting and RV sites, but we chose to carry on to Lundbom Lake, another 5-10 minutes down the road.

As you crest the hill and begin the descent towards Lundbom Lake, you first come to the Lundbom Lake West campground. This site offers quite a few campsites, as well as horse corrals. As we are not horseback riders, we chose to keep going on the road around Lundbom Lake until we came to the Lundbom Lake East campground. Here we found our perfect campsite: sunny, only feet from the lake, and level – which made it easy to set up our tent trailer!

Heading Out on the Lundbom Mountain Bike Trail

Heading Out on the Lundbom Mountain Bike Trail

After establishing our campsite, we had a great evening of board games, a campfire, and simply enjoying the beautiful weather. We were visited by the site operator who collected our camping fees (a very reasonable $12 per night) and gave us some tips on mountain biking in the area.

The next morning we unloaded our bikes, met up with family, and headed for the Lundbom/Tent Mountain Bike Trail. The trail, a 12-kilometer route managed by the Merritt Mountain Bike Association, is a fantastic beginner to intermediate ride leaving right from the campground. The trail has rolling hills, making it ideal for beginner mountain bikers like me who are nervous about the steep downhill sections of some mountain biking trails! The route follows old access roads and horse trails and is a great mix of open grasslands and treed areas which would provide welcome relief from the hot sun during the summer months.

Lundbom Mountain Bike Trail

Lundbom Mountain Bike Trail

As always when camping, it is important to remember that we are heading into areas where wildlife is present. On our bike ride, we saw a bear out enjoying the sunshine. Fortunately, the bear had very little interest in us and headed the other way as soon as it heard us coming, but it is always important to be Bear Aware  when heading into the wilderness.

After our ride we returned to the campground where we had a great conversation with a woman who was out for a day of fishing. She told us that Lundbom Lake has amazing fishing opportunities and even gave us a hint as to the “secret spot” to catch the biggest fish!

Our weekend at Lundbom Lake gave us a break from the dreary lower mainland weather and the opportunity to easily (and inexpensively) access the outdoors. We will definitely be back as our weekend away only scratched at the surface of the many things to do at this BC Recreation Site.

For a range of camping opportunities in British Columbia visit Where to Camp and share your BC camping and travel photos on #CampinBC.

First published November 2017 and updated September 2019.

Published: September 25th, 2019

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Kimberly Walker by Kimberly Walker

Kimberly is a Special Education, Elementary School teacher in Hope, BC. Previously having worked ten years at the Hope Visitor Centre & Museum promoting tourism in Hope and British Columbia, Kimberly worked on many local history projects in the museum as well as researching and writing articles for the local newspaper. Kimberly loves travelling with her husband Dale and their dog Alpine. In the fall of 2014, they spent the first 78 days of married life travelling and camping their way across Canada - just the two of them and the dog - travelling in a Hyundai Elantra! Kimberly loves various outdoor recreation types and exploring our beautiful province.

16 thoughts on "Exploring British Columbia's Recreation Sites and Trails: Lundbom Lake"

Avatar Shari says:

Do you know if there is cell service at this lake?

Avatar Leona Custeau says:

Hi, my husband and I would like to book a camping weekend from Thursday. To Mon., but can’t figure out how to do this. Can you help us out?

Joss Penny Joss Penny says:

This recreation site is not on a booking platform it is a recreation site and first come first serve.

Avatar Bailey says:

Are we able to make reservations after May 25 2020?

Joss Penny Joss Penny says:

Not all parks are on reservations systems and this applies to Recreation Sites and Trails. BC Parks Discover Camping reservation system opens May 25th and you can make reservations NOW directly with private sector campgrounds.

Avatar Roy says:

Can you day fish now?

Joss Penny Joss Penny says:

On May 14, Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) will start to reopen the majority of recreation sites and trails to day-use activities only.
People across the province will once again have access to safe outdoor recreation opportunities, while meeting the guidelines of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO).

Avatar Lisa Tyson says:

Is there a way to make a reservation?

Kim Kim says:

Hi Carmen,

I would say it is more a fishing lake than a swimming lake, but you could swim there if you were so inclined. Watch out for potential leeches as I know some of the other lakes in the area definitely have them!


Avatar Carmen says:

Is Lundbom Lake a good swimming lake? I like to swim a lot. Thanks for your reply 🙂

Kim Kim says:

Hi Bonnie,

I am not familiar with “Lumbum” Lake. Could it be an alternate spelling of “Lundbom” as the pronunciation would be quite similar?

I will do a little research and see if I can dig anything else up!


Avatar BONNIE-LEA FISK says:

Have you also heard of Lumbum Lake, I haven’t been there since a child and would love to go back. But unable to find directions anywhere
[email protected]

Avatar Janice Gillis says:

Will this campground accommodate a 28′ holiday trailer?

Kim Kim says:

Hi Janice!

Thanks for your question. Lundbom Lake has lots of wide-open campsites that would be suitable for a 28′ trailer. I would just be sure to exit the campground the same way you entered, if you go to the Lundbom East Campground at the far end of the lake. It is possible to circumnavigate the lake, but the road becomes very narrow, steep, and bumpy once it goes into the trees on the far side of the lake!

While we were camping there were several other groups at the campground and many (most?) of them were in trailers.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Avatar Katie Cromarty says:

Sounds great!!

Kim Kim says:

It sure is, Katie! Thanks for your comment.

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