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Family Fishing in Whistler

Family Paddling at Whistler

Family Paddling at Whistler

They say that fishing is good for the soul. As the sun suffused the early morning sky, bobbing around in a kayak on the still waters of a Whistler lake in search of a catch – it truly was a moment for inward reflection.

But not for long. Lakeside Park was soon teeming with experienced, intermediate and novice fishing enthusiasts, all taking advantage of the free fishing license weekend as part of BC Family Fishing Day.

Annually for this weekend, there are a raft of free-to-attend special community fishing events taking place around British Columbia which offer the public an opportunity to learn how to fish.

Family Fishing at Whistler

Family Fishing at Whistler

I was greeted by the cordial staff of BC Family Fishing who briefed me on what to do, provided fishing tips (it seemed that all the returning locals knew the score- I was the fishing neophyte even among the kids), dressed me in a life-jacket, thrust me into a kayak and pushed me out in search of the jackpot.

It wasn’t long before I was socialising on the water with the local fathers, kids and families in canoes, who come out here every year for the fishing event. And it shows- the kids are like pro’s- some casting with such effortless precision that I quickly had to make my excuses and paddle off lest they see my lack of prowess and clumsy manoeuvres.

All fish were set free after being caught. “We’re here for the experience, to share doing something fun with our kids,” one local informed me. “The kids don’t mind that we don’t take fish home, it’s all about the journey.”

Fishing from the Kayak in Whistler

Fishing from the Kayak in Whistler

These words rang particularly true with myself as I gasped a sigh of relief as the pressure lifted, knowing I wouldn’t have to embark on some type of fish-off competition back at shore.

But he was right – in the end it was all about the beauty of the experience. And while it may have initially hurt my pride, it was indeed great for the soul.

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Written by: Louise Healy

Published: June 20th, 2013

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