A Walk Back In Time With MAD Magazines And Fishing


A picture taken of a family in the 1960's

Our catch

My family were definitely fishermen. In his day, my Dad landed many respectable salmon, rock cod and grilse. My ex coaxed many a brown or rainbow trout out of various rivers up and down the island. My brother and I even deck handed on a commercial fishing boat in our younger years. But the greatest fish story of the family belongs to my mother, who to the best of my knowledge never picked up a rod in her life.

It was the mid-sixties and we were camped near French Creek on the mid-island. Each summer, in early July my siblings and I were issued with our annual summer “supplies”. These consisted of one pair of cheap “go-a-longs” (now referred to as flip-flops), a hand-me-down “camp-hat” (from the next kid up who had outgrown it the previous fall), a few dollars in pocket money to purchase the latest Archie comic or MAD magazine (not to mention untold quantities of penny candy) and a fishing kit. Our kits consisted of a wooden frame wrapped with heavy string line, a cork bobber (always red and white) and a razor-sharp, child piercing treble-hook.
On the government wharf we spent the morning jigging for bullheads before heading over to the beach to swim. One of us (probably me, as I was forever losing things) had left behind our fishing kit and my Mum had set out to retrieve it. She stopped on the virtually deserted dock. It was a lovely, sunny, summer afternoon; her children were all occupied (and supervised) elsewhere. She picked up the wooden kit and paused.

A little boy holding a large fish with his dad

My brother after fishing

It was a good two hours later that the rest of us ventured back to the wharf in search of her. There was our tiny British mother, surrounded by gnarly fisherman (back from a day of day-trawling). They were egging her with all manner of helpful advice as she hauled up yet another fat bullhead. In shock, we viewed the bounty she had already caught. “She’s a natural”, crowed one old salt. My mother positively beamed.

Written by Diana Hutton- Submitted as a contest entry

Published: November 3rd, 2014

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