Garibaldi Lake Camping

Two women in front of a lake
This August I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake with one of my best friends and camped out over the weekend. We used to backpack together over a decade ago, but things changed and she’s now married with 4 kids.

two women on a hike

Our trip up to Garibaldi Lake was her first weekend away without her kids. We had the goal of making it to the top of Panorama Ridge, which we did on the Saturday. Unfortunately, a storm rolled in and our time at the top of the ridge included bitterly cold rain, wind and absolutely no views. We left the peak chilled to the bone and with weary legs. Sunday was our day to hike back down to the parking lot, but shortly before we departed, the clouds lifted and the sun came out.

A female hiker at the top of Panorama Ridge

We made an impulsive decision to do the hike to Panorama Ridge again before leaving knowing that it would a 25 km day of hiking on already tired legs. Along the way we encountered meadows full of wildflowers, picturesque little lakes and stunning views of Black Tusk. When we finally got to the top of Panorama Ridge, we were rewarded with the mountain top all to ourselves and brilliant views of the turquoise colored Garibaldi Lake!


a selfie of two women at top of Panorama Ridge


Written by: Caresse Selk – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: August 12th, 2015

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