Garibaldi Provincial Park Hike

Stunning Garibaldi Lake with mountains in backdrop

Garibaldi Lake

I spent one of the best nights of my life in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The first day was spent hiking to the base of Black Tusk and back. It was a challenging hike but well worth it, the terrain was like the face of the moon scattered with patches of snow. That night we set up camp at Garibaldi Lake and I decided to sleep out under the stars. It was the most amazing experience; I gazed into the brilliant night sky, saturated with stars, and was thrilled by the odd shooting star. I dozed off, waking later to a soft mist covering the lake, and the first hint of dawn’s light.
The next day we spent another joyful, exhausting day hiking to a peak to be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the lake below. The alpine meadows were in full bloom and made a nice diversion from thinking about our tired legs.

Three hikers resting their legs on top of a hill overlooking the Garibaldi mountain range

Resting our legs

After a full day hiking I looked forward to another amazing night sleeping under the stars. I set up my sleeping bag and tarp and snuggled in to gaze at the stars. The only sounds were the tree frogs until I noticed the leaves rustling a bit in the wind. Clouds were starting to drift in slowing blocking the stars and I could now hear the water lapping on the shore. A few raindrops fell, no problem, I pulled the sleeping bag a bit higher and tightened the tarp around me, I could handle a bit of weather. The rain started to come down a harder, but I was cozy and dry under the tarp. I turned on my side and closed my eyes, listening to the patter of rain. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and was startled to see a mouse, under the tarp, staring at me. Wind and rain I can take, but a mouse is something else. I leapt up and the mouse scattered. I grabbed my sleeping bag and ran to the tent, invading my friends. We spent a cosy night in the tent, but it was dry and mouse-free!

Black Tusk Mountain

Our View

Written by: Nancy Chave- Submitted as a contest entry

Published: November 4th, 2014

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