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Winter is coming but that doesn’t mean that camping lovers are ready to go into hibernation! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on camping equipment for the coming season, either for yourself or for the camping-lover in your life. These camping hacks are designed to make the family camping trip easier for parents, but they can also serve as great gift ideas!

Every parent knows how quickly the sheer amount of stuff adds up, even for a quick weekend away. The key to packing for a successful camping trip is to find items that do “double-duty”. This will save you money and space in the car. For example, instead of purchasing both bonfire logs and citronella candles, consider instead buying Earth-log citronella scented bonfire logs. They also feature a holiday-scented edition three-pack for the fireplace at home. A good quality air mattress also makes a great camping themed gift as it can be used for sleeping in the tent and for floating on at the lake.

Here are some more household items that perform double-duty at the campsite:

Items that double for camping equipment
Some camping items are simply necessary, and can’t be fashioned out of a household item. We call these objects “luxury items”, even though they start at under $10! These luxury items are designated as such because they solve the little problems that can weigh your camping trip down, and are therefore worth much more than the price you pay for them. Mosquito-repellant bands and candles, headlamps, and water shoes can all be purchased for around $10 and make great stocking stuffers!

List of camping items with price

For a gift in the under $30 category, consider buying individual meal kits for the kids. Light My Fire’s lunch kit includes a plate, bowl, spork, 2 snap-top containers, and a harness, all made of BPA-free plastic. In this same category you can get a basic hydration backpack, or simply purchase the bladder system to carry in your current backpack for even less. For more camping hacks, including campfire dining ideas, check out Amy Whitley’s article on

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Published: December 4th, 2014

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These gift ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to camping supplies. If there’s a dedicated camper in your life, there’s no way you’ll ever run out of gift ideas for them! For more camping hacks, visit Amy Whitley’s article on

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