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Leaky Boat & Biggest Moat at Chilliwack Lake

boys in canoe fishing with their dad

It was the first camping trip of the year at our favorite place! Chilliwack Lake has become a favorite getaway for our family. It has everything we look for in a campground. Sandy beaches, beautiful green lake, hiking trails, and a playground for the kids! Its no wonder we sneak back here as often as we can! It’s also never a dull moment there with this family!

boy on shore

My husband was especially excited for this camping trip because we had a small old fishing boat to use on the beautiful lake! This would mean better fishing, some family bonding, and beautiful panoramic views of the lake instead of our typical beachfront views. About 20 minutes into the boat ride, I realized 3 things…
1. You feel pretty small in a tiny boat on a huge lake!
2. Young kids are easily bored when they are contained in a tiny environment!
And the 3rd thing… WE WERE TAKING ON WATER!!!
Yes, we began to feel the cool wetness under our feet and between our toes! Should we head back to shore? Nah. Everybody start scooping! And that is exactly what we did. Empty pop cans to the rescue! We did not catch any fish but we caught a lot of good memories! Needless to say, we took a break from the boat for the rest of the camping trip. Back to enjoying the water from the beach for us!

young children playing with their dad at the beach

The great thing about our first camping trip of the year, is that it is early enough in the season that not many others are around. We had an entire beach to ourselves, so what did the kids want to do? Build a moat of course! But not just any moat. They wanted to build the biggest moat that ever went around a sandcastle! Armed with plastic shovels and buckets, they set out on their task.
It turned out, building the world’s biggest moat was no easy feat. This would require the help of Daddy! They worked tirelessly! Daddy was digging like his life depended on it! He was digging so intently that he ended up breaking BOTH shovels! Now what? Pack it in and go have dinner? Nah. Buckets to the rescue! It seemed like hours went by before they finally finished, but all of the hard work and determination paid off in smiles as the water rushed in and filled the moat.

Boys and their dad at Chilliwack Lake

We always have so much fun when we visit Chilliwack Lake, and there is nothing that will get in the way of our adventures! Not even a leaky boat or broken shovels!

Written by: Jesse Wild – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: August 25th, 2015

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