Lockhart Pie

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Who would say I am not one heck of a good cook?
As usual I was rushed as I was packing our camper for a long weekend at Lockhart Provincial Park. In went the usual camping fare; wieners, hamburgers with all the fixin’s and watermelon for dessert. I had baked an apple pie as a special treat for my Husbands’ birthday and in it went as well.

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The days were filled with lazing on the beach and some equally lazy attempts at fishing. Saturday evening came and I decided I would serve up my famous apple pie to our fellow campers. To my horror, when I went to serve it, the pie was raw. I had left the fully baked one at home in the freezer and took the raw one camping with us. Not one to give up easily, I found 2 flat rocks and positioned them in such a way I could place the pie on a slant close enough to the campfire that it would get full benefit of the heat from the fire.

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In no time the whole campsite was filled with the aroma of fresh apple/cinnamon pie baking over an open fire. The crust was crispy brown and the filling was sweet and juicy and did it ever go well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream another camper was willing to share with us providing she got a piece of pie in return.
We still talk about the best apple pie I have ever baked and it was done over an open campfire.

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Published: July 18th, 2015

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