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Camping at Nicklen Lake Recreation Site

Tiffany Szekely lakeOur first camping adventure of 2015 was May long weekend up to Nicklen Lake. Nicklen Lake is a Recreation Site with a medium sized fishing lake on the Aberdeen Plateau near Vernon.

The preparation that comes with camping with 5 kids and 2 dogs is not an easy feat, but it was nothing short of an amazing weekend. When it wasn’t raining the kids were all lined up along the bank of the lake casting their rods and catching decent sized rainbow trout like crazy.daugtherpic2 Tiffany Szekely

Or they were playing hide and go seek and tag along the trails around the campsite. They told “scary” stories around the campfire and sang silly songs that they made up as they roasted marshmallows. It was definitely a camping trip I will look back on and remember for years to come. I had to almost beg and bribe my oldest daughter (12) to come. “But mom, seriously there isn’t going to be any wifi there and I’m going to be soooo bored.” I asked her later around the fire if she was having fun and she said with the hugest smile on her face “Yes mom I’m having fun. No wait! I’m not supposed to be having fun! Ahhh darn you got me.” And then we had the best laugh together. I admired the artwork and amazing talent of my step daughter’s (12) sketchbook as she drew in the light from the campfire. I watched as my son (8) tried to catch frogs along the edge of the lake and he finally succeeded which he proudly came to show me.Tiffany Szekely

I watched as my partner and his football loving daughter (also 12) played pass in the beautiful sunshine and how he taught her how to clean the fish she caught. I taught my youngest daughter (7) how to cast and she said to me, “Mommy, thank you for teaching me how to fish. Now I can teach my kids and they can teach their kids and they can teach their kids and it will just go on forever. Oh and mom, just so you know…. I’m not quitting till I catch one.” And she did! She caught her first fish in the last light of day.daughter of Tiffany Szekely



Written by: Tiffany Szekely – Submitted as a story contest entry.

Published: June 18th, 2015

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6 thoughts on "Camping at Nicklen Lake Recreation Site"

Avatar Debbie says:

Amazing opportunities come out of getting your children to love the outdoors 🙂

Avatar Rachel says:

Awesome!! Such a good way to connect as a family 🙂

Avatar Angela says:

Fun family times!!

Avatar Carol says:

Where awesome memories are made!

Avatar Angela says:

Sounds like a fun time!

Avatar Tiffany says:

It was a great weekend…rain and all!

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