Night Hike at Elfin Lakes

Woman standing in mountains

Photo Credit: Stephen Lam

Heading to bed at 5pm, it was impossible to sleep knowing what was to come – in a few hours we were to embark on our first night hike!

Just after midnight – as people around us were heading home from their night out -we set out to drive past Squamish and then along the bumpy final stretch to the trailhead for Elfin Lakes.

It was about 0230h and pitch black as we adjusted our headlamps, layered all our clothes and began! …Before stopping to take off all the layers again as we gained pace!

It was so peaceful and quiet as we walked, the stars shining so brightly and clearly from above and a whitish shadowy light fading in and out on the horizon – my first encounter with the Northern Lights.

The light slowly dawned as we arrived at the saddle behind Elfin Lakes to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous as the shadows turned into mountain peaks around us and the sky filled with pinks and purples before the rays of the sun shone through to warm us. Definitely the best breakfast view in the world!

Back of women watching sunset

Photo Credit: Stephen Lam

We then set off toward Little Diamond Head – It looked like a crazy route, but once we started, it was easy enough. As we approached the summit, we walked along a ridge line over 2000m high! …And then stopped and turned in circles in awe – it was absolutely amazing! A full 360’ view of Garibaldi Park, and some of the most amazing scenery ever – Atwell Peak, Opal Cone, Mamquan Ice field, and gorgeous snow capped mountains as far as the eye could see.

two women sitting watching sunrise

Photo Credit: Stephen Lam

Returning to the Gargoyles, then home via the gorgeous clear blue/green Elfin Lakes, we saw the trail and surroundings that now looked so different in the light of day! And as we heard a rustling in the trees we looked over to find a black bear eating berries! A great way to top off our adventure.

36km and 15-16 hours hiking… weary but happy! Best hike of the summer! ☺

Written by: Karinya Koshey- Submitted as a contest entry

Four people jumping up while hiking the Garibaldi mountain range

Photo Credit: Stephen Lam

Published: October 28th, 2014

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13 thoughts on "Night Hike at Elfin Lakes"

Avatar Shawn says:

That is awesome Karinya!!

Avatar Charlie Beck says:

Karinya, you never stop amazing me, wish I had been there with you !!

Avatar Maureen says:


Avatar Colin Hatton says:

Wow 1 what a well written and perfectly articulated story. even though I am so far away, once again you made me feel like I was there with you. well done Karinya.

Avatar Hamed says:

Looks amazing. I wanna do this. Do you do guided tours?!

Avatar Brook says:


Avatar Marina Guy says:

Stunning! Definitely adding this to my bucket list!

Avatar Mike says:

Inspiring trip story. I’d give up a night on the town in a wink to experience sunrise in the BC alpine like this.

Avatar Stacey says:

Wow!! What a view!! That’s it – I’m coming to live in Canada!! 🙂

Avatar Carmella says:

Your words make me feel as if I’m experiencing the beauty alongside you. Gorgeous.

Avatar Susanne M says:

Love the pics and your night hike story. You’ve inspired me to try one out here!

Avatar Amanda says:

I wish I could do that hike… in about 10km instead of the monstrous 36km you guys travelled! Beautiful pictures. Do you have a link to any more?

Avatar Julia says:

Love the final pic!

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