• Camping in the Kootenays
    Picture of mountains and lake

    Camping in the Kootenays!

    Our family of 4 started our love of camping last year when we bought our first ... Continue Reading

  • RVing with our Canine Companion PART THREE: Okanagan Oasis
    Campground on the lake

    Lake Okanagan Provincial Park

    Lake Okanagan Campground, located between Peachland and Summerland, is rimmed by a swim-safe beach and canopied by lush deciduous trees.  It’s divided into two parts. The sites in the South section snuggle together on a lake-shore jetty ... Continue Reading

  • RVing with our Canine Companion PART TWO: Getting There
    Schnauzer dog in RV with owner while driving

    Kalli our highway watchdog

    Kalli seems to have a sixth sense on our RV departure day. She performs a prancing-type river dance and lets out a few gle... Continue Reading

  • First Camp of the Season: Sasquatch Provincial Park
    Picnic tables in day use area by lake

    Hicks Lake Day Area

    At six months pregnant it dawned on me: this is our last summer as a three-person family. High time to go tenting, before I get too huge! With this in mind, back in March I used Discover Camping and snagged us a site at ... Continue Reading

  • RVing with our Canine Companion- PART ONE: Preparing for the journey
    Black and white Shnauzer sitting in front side of motorhome

    Kalli ready for RVing

    When our suitcases come out of the closet, our Schnauzer, Kalli, goes into panic mode. She neurotically shakes, scurries and gives us the occasional whimper. There’s no need for conversation. Her pleading brown eyes ... Continue Reading

  • Get The 411 On Kids Camping Gear: An Authentic Review
    Girl wearing camping gear in a provincial park

    Check me out mom!

    There’s an old adage that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. Nowhere is that more true than in BC (also known as the wet coast).

    So with that in mind, we started prepping ... Continue Reading

  • 3 Stress Savers When Prepping For A Camping Trip
    How to pack efficiently for camping

    Pack efficiently…stress free

    After a long winter hibernation, opening the door to Spring’s warm weather releases an instantaneous sense of gained freedom.  Finally I can go outside and not get wet or freeze! It doesn’t take statistics to kn... Continue Reading

  • The Vancouver Aquarium: Tips from a (New) Member
    boy watching the beluga whale

    Credit- Vancouver Aquarium

    This week I wrapped up a busy conference and rewarded myself with a trip to the  (more…)

    ... Continue Reading

  • 3 Spring Fishing Spots
    Man Fishing beside his trailer parked at beach

    Fishing at Muncho Lake. Photo: Destination BC/Albert Normandin

    Spring is here and no more alarm clocks! Instead I am awakened each day to the discordant symphony of birds outside my window.  It is an invigorating sign that warm weather is coming and an opportunity to go away on the Easter long weekend. The start of spring camping! Yahoo…I love being in the outdoors! When I return back to work after spending a weekend in nature, I am co... Continue Reading

  • Camping Kitchen: Shake and Wake Pancakes
    Pancakes and coffee in a motorhome

    Shake ‘n’ Wake Pancakes

    This family-tested recipe is a great addition to your camp kitchen. Nothing says “vacation” like pancakes. Ditch the measuring tools, bowls and whisks, and use this recipe to serve up from-scratch pancakes while on the road. It can made on a camp stove, in an RV kitchen, or even in a cast-iron pan over the fire. These are thick cakes, almost like scones, and a great hearty breakfast for adventurers. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

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