The Perfect Pit Stop: A Tale of Two Cinnamon Buns

Little girl eating a pastry in coffee shop

Cozy Charm and Fresh Baked Goods in Greenwood

When you hit the road, it’s important to know where to stop for food. While there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a little junk from the drive thru, most visitors prefer local, freshly-made fare.

On a recent family trip from Vancouver to Nelson we visited two great stops, perfect for fuelling up along the Crowsnest (#3) Highway. We highly recommend these locally-owned and operated businesses:

Pit Stop #1: The Blue Moose Cafe in Hope

The Blue Moose on Wallace Street in Hope offers freshly-roasted coffee, espresso drinks, salads, wraps, and pastries. We tried a creamy chickpea salad that was satisfying with hints of citrus and herbs.

But we were especially impressed with their cinnamon buns. I was disappointed to hear these are not baked on premises, until I found out they’re made fresh daily at a local bakery. The buns have a crusty, caramelized bottom – so while at first you might not be impressed, dig deep with that fork and enjoy a tasty surprise.

The cafe is busy, clean, and has a woodsy character, with a giant stuffed moose hanging out near the front (a hit with kids). If you’re able to take a longer stop, have a relaxing seat in one of the comfy couches at the back.

The drip coffee is quite good, while we found the espresso drinks to be solid, but not spectacular. Still much better than the average fast food experience.

Pit Stop #2: Tarnished Turkey Cappuccino Bar at the Deadwood Junction in Greenwood

A stand with a sign on a cafe table for Eva's Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon Buns at Tarnished Turkey

Greenwood is the smallest city in Canada, loaded with charm. Nestled at the side of the road is the “Deadwood Junction”, a gift store and cafe with local handicrafts for sale, also home to a catering business and the Tarnished Turkey Cappuccino Bar. 

The Tarnished Turkey serves up espresso drinks and drip coffee to die for. The crema on the Americanos is rich and chocolatey, so if you appreciate a good bar beverage this is the stop for you.

The quaint interior is a cozy place to sip your drink and peel the layers of their cinnamon buns – Eva’s famous cinnamon buns to be exact. These are a dryer, flakier bun than the ones at the Blue Moose, with a moist interior. The pastry-like quality of the bun make it a sophisticated option. Made fresh on premises, like the other baked goods, they’re a great companion to boxed salads and freshly-made sandwiches.

Honourable Mention: JoJo’s Neighbourhood Cafe in Osoyoos

If you’re passing through Osoyoos, enjoy free parking in front of JoJos on Main Street.

This is a friendly neighbourhood spot where a fresh breakfast sandwich consists of english muffin, egg, tomato, cheese, and ham. Omit the ham and they’ll substitute spinach. Another great grab from JoJos is the morning glory loaf (carrot, pineapple, raisins, nuts) and their boxed spinach salad with shredded carrot, beet, almonds, tofu cubes and a punchy garlic tahini dressing is perfect for eating in the car (provided you’re not driving).

We’re giving them an honourable mention since they don’t have cinnamon buns. Although by this point we were happy for something a little healthier!

So next time you’re driving along BC’s scenic highways, make it a point to try something local. And why not share your favourite pit stops in the comments below? Let us in on a hidden gem!


Published: February 16th, 2015

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