Powder or Waves?

RV at winter time in campground in Riverside Resort, Whistler BC

Winter RVing in the snow at Riverside Resort, Whistler, BC
Photo Credit: Super Camping/ Riverside Resort

As my planning for the winter RV trip was taking shape, I pondered where to go for seven days.  Kootenay Rockies or Vancouver Island, two very different destinations that each offer a unique experience!

That decided, I started making inquiries at a number of RV rental places. Interestingly enough, I discovered only a few RV rental companies winterize units and allow travel to winter destinations. One company that stood out for me was Canadadream. Their instant online assistance made research quick and easy. Within minutes I found out that units cost $112/ day, with a 5 day minimum booking.

Downhill skiier skiing in powder

Red Mountain Resort, Rossland BC
Photo credit: Destination BC/Dave Heath

Not only was their online service instantaneous but their “ski ‘n’ snooze” package caught my eye.  It’s designed for powder hounds wishing to seek out the best snow along the Powder Highway in the Kootenays and that’s what it’s all about for me! The package includes an RV rental for $112/day, discounted lift tickets (at participating resorts, such as Fernie, Red Mountain, White Water, etc) and campground options. The more I read about the Ski n Snooze, the more appealing it became. I loved the idea of staying in a mobile chalet! There is nothing worse than being at a resort that doesn’t have snow, so being mobile would give us the freedom to travel to wherever the snow dumps! How great is that!!

Included in the winterized units are bedding, dishes, kitchen equipment and free generator use. Also, they are insulated and stocked with four generators, furnaces and heaters, to keep you toasty warm while you rest for your next champagne powder day!

Another RV rental company that I thought great was West Coast Mountain Campers. They had low rental prices starting at $75/day and friendly service with a three day minimum booking. RV travel is limited to milder climates, as the vehicles are not winterized and equipped for winter conditions or destinations but are ideal for westcoast trips to Vancouver Island (BC) or the United States of America, so check it out too.

Being budget conscious, I tallied both RV rental trips and the prices were very close- Please keep in mind I did some rounding off.

Kootenay Road Trip
RV rental $728
Gas expense $668
Total Trip Expense: (not including food, campground fee, if applicable, lift tickets, etc) $1396

Tofino Road Trip
RV rental – $525
Ferry Expense $328 (5 people +26′  motorhome)
Gas Expense: $200
Total Trip Expense: (not including food, campground fee if applicable, activities, etc) $1053

The difference between trips was approximately $350.  Powder or Waves? How lucky we are to live in  such a diverse place that offers such amazing choices!

Waves rolling into rocky shore

Tofino Storm Watching
Photo Credit: Destination BC

After a family conference, we chose a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island in hopes of storm watching and experiencing a true winter west coast. I will keep you posted on trip.

Published: November 26th, 2013

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