RV Tips For Parents

RV Trailer and truck at roadside stop

Friday night on the road with kids

Here is what I have learned to simplify the travel and Friday night arrival portion of a weekend family rving trip with young children:

  1.  Dress kids in their jammies for the car trip. One less thing to do when you arrive.
  2.  Serve a soothing dinner full of tryptophan. We do a car picnic for the ride to the campsite. (Sandwiches, fruit, chips, or Subway sandwiches if I just can’t get it done.) De-emphasize sugar and emphasize protein and whole grains. In fact, a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner normally makes everyone want to sleep. Do this.
  3.  Bring a change of jammies because kids will get messy during the Thanksgiving car picnic. Nix the cranberry sauce next time.
  4. Have the beds in the camper ready to slide into. There is usually a bike strapped to one of our beds. Put a helmet on your kid, put him to bed, and sort it out in the morning.
  5. Have jobs for everyone to do upon arrival. Screaming and hanging out the window are not good jobs. My seven year old son is as good/better at directing the driver to back up the trailer in the dark as I am. But I don’t want him to get accidentally run over so he screams and hangs out the window.
  6. Forget the jobs. Pay extra for a pull-through site.
  7. Pack favorite beer and wine. For the parents. This is glamping after all.
  8. Glance at the map of the campground before your trip when you feel serene. Note your site and the location of the restrooms when no one really has to go!
  9. After arriving, parking, and settling in, lights out! The longer you leave the lights on the wilder and more amped everyone gets (except the battery. It gets less amped). Turn them off!
  10. Wear your own jammies on the car trip, because it is guaranteed you will just collapse into bed. Ouch! Was that a handlebar?
  11. Sweet dreams. They’ll be up at sunrise. Make sure your favorite coffee and tea are stocked.
Two children in their bed in an RV

Lights out! Maybe not quite yet?

Written by: Stacy Traylor- Submitted as a contest entry

Published: November 5th, 2014

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