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RVing with our Canine Companion – Getting to Lake Okanagan, BC

Schnauzer dog in RV with owner while driving

Kalli our highway watchdog

Kalli seems to have a sixth sense on our RV departure day. She performs a prancing-type river dance and lets out a few gleeful yips when hearing the final command. “Okay, Girl. It’s time to roll. Hop into the truck!” She quickly does as she’s told, securing her spot on a sheepskin blanket that’s been splayed out between the two of us. And then we buckle her in. Although her pet harness is home-made and isn’t mandatory, it’s worth our peace of mind. And the zip line that she’s leashed to will provide her with enough manoeuvrability to stand, sit, lie -And certainly bark at all the grazing cows that we pass by.

Little dog seat belted in motorhome

Kalli is buckled and ready to roll

The minute we roll out of our driveway, Kalli assumes her position. With both eyes riveted to the road, she not only serves as our canine companion but also our highway watchdog. The initial section of the route is a familiar one to all of us. With having a second home in the Cariboo we’ve made the trek along Highway 1 from Surrey countless times.

As always, our first break is Aldergrove where we fill up on cheap(er) gas and next is the regular walk / water stop in Hope, (a.k.a., the “Chainsaw Carving Capital of Canada”). She loves sniffing around the lush municipal park and getting up close and personal with the chiselled eagles, grizzlies and wolves that border its perimeter.

Afterwards, when we veer onto the Coquihalla Highway instead of heading up the Fraser Canyon as per the usual course, Kalli’s ears perk up more than normal. Like honing beacons, they stand to attention in an effort to zero in on our conversation and find out where the heck we’re going. We bypass Kawakawa Lake, a favourite hangout for fishing folk who are in search of a fresh kokanee, coho or Dolly Varden trout, and forgo the exit to the Othello Tunnels, a string of historical under-grounders that weave their way through the Coquihalla Gorge. By the time we’ve reached the summit of Box Canyon, Kalli has given up on trying to figure out this new route and is now curled up beside me.

And while she’s snoozing, we drink in the pre-summer scenery. The surrounding pine-choked hills seem to unfold forever. An adjacent rushing river weaves in and out of our view. And waterfalls spill from the distant snow-topped summits. As well as being barren and beautiful, it’s a highway that gets us where we want to go –and quickly!

Mountain view

Enjoying British Columbia’s stunning views

After a short piddle break and fuel fill in Merritt, we’re off on our last leg of this journey. One hundred and eleven more kilometres of rolling hills, forests and ranchlands and we’re there – Lake Okanagan, the gateway for outdoor fun, an oasis for a little rest and relaxation and our RV home sweet home for the next three days –for both us and our rving canine companion.

Schnauzer sticking it's head out of window

Yippee we’re here!

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Published: June 12th, 2014

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