Camping and ATVing Brings Back Memories of Stump Lake

Two ATVers by lake with mountains in background

ATVing with dad

My childhood camping memories are of a big stinky canvas tent on the sandy beaches of Stump Lake, Merritt, BC. We went there every summer. It was paradise to us kids. Since then I have graduated to an RV, but I still camp with my parents, usually dragging a couple quads along.

horses in front of RV in campsite

Mom stays at home base

We introduced my Dad, at age 73, to quadding and he has never looked back…only eagerly scanning the next horizon. My Mom prefers to stay at the base camp keeping the fire going and enjoying the peace and quiet with her dog and a good book. It works for all of us!

I love all the wildlife we encounter on the trails, such as moose, deer, elk, beaver and even my first Rock Rabbit, but best of all was the Huge golden Grizzly I saw last June. He was huge and luckily escaped into the bush as soon as he saw me. No chance for a picture!

We’ve explore many mountain trails, forestry roads and camps and visited many tiny lakes. Wanting to explore more remote areas next year we are trading in our big RV for a more versatile truck and camper.

Man on quad with mountain in background

Quad exploring

My Dad was recently diagnosed with proposed kidney failure and is being prepped for home care. He isn’t letting this stop his camping and we are all being trained out to deal with it while out camping.

It’s been a long journey from the Stinky Tent at Stump Lake and I have loved every memory made. I can’t wait to explore more of this gorgeous province, British Columbia, that we call home.

Campfire in a campground

The best way to enjoy BC

Written by:  Cindy Bader- Submitted as a contest entry

Published: October 29th, 2014

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