Time To Go Camping? Canadian Camping Week is May 21-26, 2019

It’s May, and that can only mean one thing – that Canadian RVing and Camping week and the start of summer (yay) is just around the corner. 

Cranbrook/St. Eugene KOA | Photo: Andy Dickinson

Each year, especially for the last four years, has been different for our group as we help support the members of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association who have special offers for RVers like us at a great discount to entice us to camp longer. Our group needs no enticement however, as we have already booked our combined 38 days (6 trips) of camping this summer– our source of inspiration is the Camping & RVing BC website. Canadian RVing and Camping Week is not just a camping trip to us, it’s our annual pre-season get together camping trip, and basically it’s a re-learn to camp and dust off the winter cobwebs kind of trip.

Blue River Campground RV Park

Our group of campers, originally 4, has now doubled in size, and we gather to share our life happenings around a real campfire!  Yes we can have a real campfire and the sound of chopping wood echoes throughout the campground.  What is a campfire without smoke and the sound of someone chanting – white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits because the smoke changes direction and has made one move their comfy seat over and over again.  And not to mention the overeating of s’mores (those delectable little anytime sandwiches of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers).

Some campgrounds host events such as barbeques and games nights too.

Fernie RV Resort

The planning session starts early in January – okay one of our eager campers starts her planning right after she puts the camping gear away for the winter, sending out the prospective dates and campground choices.   The Camping and RVing BC website makes it so easy to find a campsite, all we have to do is agree upon an area we want to go to, enter it in the City Area Search and how many kms away we are prepared to travel and it comes up with campgrounds in and/or around that area.

Heriot Bay Inn & Marina

This year for Camping Week, we had 20 campgrounds to choose from. It would be good if more campgrounds participate next year to give us even more options for creating the ultimate camping experience, not just for our group but for all those who enjoy creating memories as they #CampinBC. This is just a couple of handfuls of the numerous camping sites available from as early as April 1 – October 31. See the Camping Map. Once again, check out the website, you can narrow your searches down to just Private Camping & RV sites, BC Parks, Parks Canada, Recreational Sites and Trails.  Don’t have your own RV, you can even check out RV rentals too! Some campgrounds are open all year long and even offer winter camping – do you hear that group?  We could do a winter camping adventure and instead of bringing all the comforts of home – we could make them.  How special would it be to sit around relaxing in your very own hand crafted snowfa?

Share your BC travel and camping pictures using hashtag #CampinBC.

For a list of hundreds of campgrounds and RV parks in BC check out our Camping Map.

Published: May 9th, 2019

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