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  • Hiking in British Columbia is a Popular Activity so be Prepared

    High Note Trail, Whistler | Taryn Eyton

    There are thousands of hiking trails in British Columbia, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, trails that lead to panoramic mountain-top views, tranquil lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls. British Columbia has a large variety of hikes for everyone of all fitness levels. Continue Reading

  • Hiking Etiquette: 6 Tips for Sharing the Trails

    HighNoteTrailWhistlerTarynEyton header

    HighNoteTrailWhistlerTarynEyton header

    Unlike team sports like basketball or hockey, hiking and camping have no rulebook. But there are several unwritten rules of hiking etiquette that keep everyone happy and safe while protecting the wilderness too. Keep these camping and hiking etiquette tips in mind so we can all share the trails. Continue Reading

  • Bowron Lakes, BC: Not Just a Place to Portage!

    Relaxing on Bowron Lake

    With its pristine views and rugged adventures, you would think that the Bowron Lakes only attracts highly skilled hikers and paddlers. We found this was not the case! Yes we love hiking, camping and paddling but we had no intention of strapping on a backpack or carrying our canoe. We heard what a beautiful area it was, so we set out to explore it. Continue Reading

  • Glacier National Park is a Spectacular BC Destination

    Bear Creek Falls, Glacier National Park

    Bear Creek Falls, Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park, in BC's Kootenay region, is the first national park established in British Columbia and is one of the most interesting parks I have visited, as the spectacular views from the highway are juxtaposed with the challenges of accessibility. Continue Reading

  • Yoho National Park, BC – A Jewel in the Canadian Rockies

    Fossil Found at Walcott Quarry, Yoho National Park. Photo: Aaron Purdy

    Fossil Found at Walcott Quarry, Yoho National Park. Photo: Aaron Purdy

    Yoho is the slightly western counterpart of the better-known Banff National Park. Covering 1,310 square kilometres, the park makes up a portion of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Yoho offers a bountiful range of both easily accessible and more challenging terrain, guaranteeing that you will find something to suit your interests no matter which direction you choose to explore. Continue Reading

  • Hidden Waterways in British Columbia for the Hiker

    There are many hidden waterways in British Columbia which offer some of the lesser known places to cool off in the water during the summer. Here are highlights of a few of the best waterways to cool off for the avid hiker.

    ... Continue Reading