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Wildlife Viewing

  • 5 Great Tips for the New Camper in British Columbia
    Kids at the Campfire

    Kids at the Campfire

    If you live in Canada you know that 2017 is Canada’s 150th Birthday, and I think one of the best ways to celebrate our amazing country is to go camping, but not just your usual camping trip. To fully embrace what makes Canada so special, invite someone who has never camped before to join you on your next camping trip and introduce them to one of Canada’s best features - the wilderness! Continue Reading

  • BC’s Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Offers Rich Opportunities for Exploring
    Mount Norman, Pender Island

    Mount Norman, Pender Island

    No matter which island(s) you choose to visit, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve offers a wide variety of hiking, wildlife viewing, cycling, and watersport opportunities. The Gulf Islands are a place where time slows down, so make sure you plan lots of time for simply sitting by the ocean and relaxing. Continue Reading

  • Pemberton, British Columbia – a Fun Diversion from Whistler
    Outdoor Patio, Big Sky Golf & Country Club

    Outdoor Patio, Big Sky Golf & Country Club

    What to do once you have explored Whistler Village and the weather is looking better to the north – follow the sunshine.  This decision was made by three of u... Continue Reading

  • Hi Ho We are Off to Yoho National Park

    a curious squirrel As we set off in early September, we knew that our camping trip would be filled with adventures, and Yoho National Park certainly did not disappoint. After getting advice at the fantastic park visitor centre in Field, we were headed to the Takakkaw Falls Walk-In Campground.

    ... Continue Reading

  • Rucklefest on Saltspring

    two little girls sitting in lawn chairs

    Lisa and I camped together for years – exploring wild coastline trails with our backpacks, surviving on dried food and bags of trail mix. We still love to camp each summer, but I now have a child and Lisa has became an Auntie, and we want to continue our summer adventures, but also include the little girls in our live... Continue Reading

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