COVID-19 TIPS. RV Snowbirds looking for a place to winter in BC this year? Check out these winter campground listings.


  • Spring Has Sprung! Try Some Spring Fishing & RVing on Central Vancouver Island, BC
    Fishing on the Stamp River, Port Alberni

    Fishing on the Stamp River, Port Alberni

    Looking to bring out that fishing rod a little early this year? Here are four RV accessible campsites open year-round on central Vancouver Island located on or near a fishable lake or river. Beat the summer heat and enjoy some spring camping and fishing! Continue Reading

  • The Chilliwack River Valley: An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise
    Chilliwack River Valley - Ken Bramble

    Chilliwack River Valley – Ken Bramble

    About one and a half hours east from Vancouver International Airport is on... Continue Reading

  • BC’s Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Offers Rich Opportunities for Exploring
    Mount Norman, Pender Island

    Mount Norman, Pender Island

    No matter which island(s) you choose to visit, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve offers a wide variety of hiking, wildlife viewing, cycling, and watersport opportunities. The Gulf Islands are a place where time slows down, so make sure you plan lots of time for simply sitting by the ocean and relaxing. Continue Reading

  • Fun Family Camping Trip to the Okanagan, British Columbia
    Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm

    Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm

    It doesn’t feel like summer until we visit Penticton, the interior of BC where it’s always warmer and where fruit orchards and wineries make for a picturesque summer photo. With our trailer in tow, the average five-hour commute allows us to enjoy the beautiful lush scenery and mountain peak tops until we arrive at Southbeach Gardens RV & Campground, where we have become regulars. Often times the kids will have their tablets and headphones ready for the road-trip, along with pillows and blankets next to them just in case they feel like taking a nap. We would pack fresh fruits, lots of water and some salty snacks to avoid having to make unnecessary stops if someone gets hungry. Continue Reading

  • Caribbean Camping in Kamloops

    campfirehammock-eric poulin

    It all started with a Facebook post Sara saw about a lake near Kamloops that had water as clear as the Caribbean. She showed me the picture and we quickly decided we needed to make an effort to get out camping there. A 5.5 hour drive away, with only 2.5 days off, this trip would be a bit of a stretch, but our minds were made up.... Continue Reading

  • Kayak Camping in BC: Have you tried it?
    Man and woman kyaking in the Gulf Islands

    On our way to D’arcy Island

    My wife, Katharine and I own a kayak tour company in Victoria and every summer we hire Adventure Tourism students to work ... Continue Reading

  • Camping in Whistler…try SUP Yoga.
    SUP Yoga Class on Alta Lake

    SUP Yoga on Alta Lake

    Wobbling while attempting tree pose on a paddleboard in the middle of the lake was more than a little unnerving. Not so much because it is one of yoga’s easier poses, (more…)

    ... Continue Reading

  • Rafting on the Elaho River in Squamish, BC
    river rafts on Elaho River

    Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC

    When the sun is beating down as it has been in BC for the last few weeks, the only thing you want to... Continue Reading

  • Family Fishing in Whistler
    Family Paddling at Whistler

    Family Paddling at Whistler

    They say that fishing is good for the soul. As the sun suffused the early morning sky, bobbing around in a kayak on the still waters of a Whistler lake in search of a catch – it truly was a moment for inward reflection. (more…)... Continue Reading

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