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  • Camping at Nicklen Lake Recreation Site

    Tiffany Szekely lakeOur first camping adventure of 2015 was May long weekend up to Nicklen Lake. Nicklen Lake is a Recreation Site with a medium sized fishing lake on the Aberdeen Plateau near Vernon.

    The preparation that comes with camping with 5 kids and 2 dogs is not an easy feat, but it was nothing short of an amazing weekend. When it wasn’t raining the kids were all lined up along the bank of the lake casting their rods and catchin... Continue Reading

  • Kayak Camping in BC: Have you tried it?
    Man and woman kyaking in the Gulf Islands

    On our way to D’arcy Island

    My wife, Katharine and I own a kayak tour company in Victoria and every summer we hire Adventure Tourism students to work ... Continue Reading

  • Whistler Fun with Kids (Without Hitting the Slopes)

    Recently our family had the chance to head up to Whistler for a quick day trip. We don’t ski or snowboard, so we were looking for fun (inexpensive) activities we could enjoy off the slopes. With Easter coming up, here’s a day’s worth of Whistler fun with kids under 10, for under $40 – without ever setting foot on the mountains.

    ... Continue Reading

  • Camping on a budget
    Coolers on a picnic table and a tent in background

    Camping is simple- food and gear!

    Camping in B.C.’s great outdoors is still a totally do-able activity, even if your ex... Continue Reading

  • Keep camping food cool and safe
    Two empty containers on a counter

    Empty containers are great for ice in a cooler

    Even with the improvements that have been made to make coolers more efficient, it’s hard to... Continue Reading

  • Fishing & Camping on Whiteswan Lake, BC

    Man at a look backing at the camera

    For over 30 years my wife and I have tented in many of our provincial parks. Two years ago she said she was now too old for tents so we purchased a Jayco 14.5 foot travel trailer. We were amazed at the comforts this provided and also the increase in camping trips and nights spent out that resulted.

    Septemb... Continue Reading

  • Some Fall Fishing Destinations & Campgrounds in BC

    Now that summer holidays have officially  come to an end, this is definitely not the time to pack away your gear just yet. Especially not your fishing stuff.  In fact, the best fishing is still to come at lakes and rivers across British Columbia. Here are some great fall fishing destinations that were recommended by our friends at Go Fish BC!

    ... Continue Reading

  • Glacier National Park Hike
    Little girl peerig back from dad's hiking packback

    All set to go!

    “The Columbia Mountains are steep and the valleys narrow, allowing for only a few easy h... Continue Reading

  • 3 Spring Fishing Spots in BC
    Man Fishing beside his trailer parked at beach

    Fishing at Muncho Lake. Photo: Destination BC/Albert Normandin

    Spring is here and no more alarm clocks! Instead I am awakened each day to the discordant symphony of birds outside my window.  It is an invigorating sign that warm weather is coming and an opportunity to go away on the Easter long weekend. The start of spring camping! Yahoo…I love being in the outdoors! When I return back to work after spending a weekend in nature, I am compl... Continue Reading

  • Camping Kitchen: Shake and Wake Pancakes
    Pancakes and coffee in a motorhome

    Shake ‘n’ Wake Pancakes

    This family-tested recipe is a great addition to your camp kitchen. Nothing says “vacation” like pancakes. Ditch the measuring tools, bowls and whisks, and use this recipe to serve up from-scratch pancakes while on the road. It can made on a camp stove, in an RV kitchen, or even in a cast-iron pan over the fire. These are thick cakes, almost like scones, and a great hearty breakfast for adventurers. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

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