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  • A 10-day Tour in a C-Class Motorhome Exploring British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains

    pinantan lake near Kamloops

    I’ve always wanted to go exploring in a Motorhome from Vancouver to the Cariboo and to see some of the Coastal Mountains en route. So, we took a circle route that started out east on Hwy 1 and ended up back on Hwy 99 to Vancouver. In between we followed scenic Hwy's 3, 5, the Fishing Hwy 24 and 97. Continue Reading

  • Follow the Camper’s Code and be a Responsible and Safe Camper

    Practice Fire Safety - Parks Canada

    Store Food Safely, Don’t Litter and Practice Fire Safety are the next three easy-to-follow rules of the Camper’s Code. When outdoor enthusiasts abide by these rules, camping continues to be enjoyable for all, nature remains pristine and animals stay wild. Continue Reading

  • Be a Respectful Camper and Practice the Camper’s Code

    Pledge Sticker, BC Parks

    The Camper’s Code is a health and safety initiative comprised of nine easy-to-follow rules. When outdoor enthusiasts abide by these rules camping continues to be enjoyable for all, nature remains pristine and animals stay wild. Let’s examine three of these rules: Plan Ahead and Be Prepared, Respect Others and Respect Staff and Signs. Continue Reading

  • Camping in British Columbia: Tips for First Timers

    With a little advance planning, anyone can have at least a “semi-successful” camping experience guaranteed to provide great memories. Continue Reading

  • 7 Steps to Getting Your Camper or RV ready for the Camping Season

    Denali Trailer set up at Campsite

    We have had two days in a row of sunshine a couple times this month, and I like others who Camp/RV, are counting the days until our first trip. So, it’s time to plan the number of camping trips and prepare the trailer for the first outdoor adventure. Continue Reading

  • RV Trends and Purchasing Tips

    Ember RV

    Ember RV

    Camping and RVing are more popular than ever before and why people are choosing this lifestyle has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. The RV industry has responded to this—and the demand to ‘go green’ and limit fossil fuel use—with practical and functional units and smart and efficient technology. These changes are impacting the long-term future of the RV industry. Continue Reading

  • 9 Steps To Winterizing Your RV

    Winterizing Your RV

    Winterizing Your RV

    For those new to RVing we offer a few important steps you need to take to ensure your RV will survive the colder winter season. Continue Reading

  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia Off-Season Adventures

    SnowShoeing Mt Washington, BC

    Snow Shoeing Mt Washington, BC

    Canada's Mediterranean', is how I like to refer to Central Vancouver Island. It offers more year-round outdoor recreational opportunities in mind-blowing scenery, than I'll ever have time to enjoy in one lifetime. But I’m trying-- and the best part is that so many activities are absolutely free! Continue Reading

  • Discovering Camping in British Columbia in the Fall Season

    It’s time to bring out the sweaters and store the flip flops! The fall season is a perfect time to avoid the crowds and explore BC while camping. In the shoulder season, Provincial Parks and private campgrounds usually have space available, allowing you to be spontaneous in where you camp. Continue Reading

  • Hiking Etiquette: 6 Tips for Sharing the Trails

    HighNoteTrailWhistlerTarynEyton header

    HighNoteTrailWhistlerTarynEyton header

    Unlike team sports like basketball or hockey, hiking and camping have no rulebook. But there are several unwritten rules of hiking etiquette that keep everyone happy and safe while protecting the wilderness too. Keep these camping and hiking etiquette tips in mind so we can all share the trails. Continue Reading

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