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Camping Accessories

  • A 10-day Tour in a C-Class Motorhome Exploring British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains

    pinantan lake near Kamloops

    I’ve always wanted to go exploring in a Motorhome from Vancouver to the Cariboo and to see some of the Coastal Mountains en route. So, we took a circle route that started out east on Hwy 1 and ended up back on Hwy 99 to Vancouver. In between we followed scenic Hwy's 3, 5, the Fishing Hwy 24 and 97. Continue Reading

  • RV Trends and Purchasing Tips

    Ember RV

    Ember RV

    Camping and RVing are more popular than ever before and why people are choosing this lifestyle has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. The RV industry has responded to this—and the demand to ‘go green’ and limit fossil fuel use—with practical and functional units and smart and efficient technology. These changes are impacting the long-term future of the RV industry. Continue Reading

  • 5 Gift ideas for the “Happy Camper”

    Cake Taker

    Cake Taker

    Here are five gift ideas to put under the tree. Continue Reading

  • “Unglamping” in BC: Camping Unplugged

    I must admit, three years ago, camping without hookups scared me. Our camping companions suggested that we try Herald Provincial Park in the Shuswap, a campsite without power, water and sewer. I panicked, no microwave, rice cooker or outlets to charge my cell phone. But more importantly, how would I make my coffee in the morning without my coffee maker? Continue Reading

  • Planning Your First Camping Trip? Make it Easy

    Thompson Okanagan

    A good resource to help find all campgrounds (provincial, private, national and recreation sites) located throughout British Columbia is You can also make a reservation at some provincial parks at DiscoverCamping. For national parks go to Parks Canada Reservation Service. To reserve at a private facility, contact the individual campground. More information on Recreation Sites can be found at Continue Reading

  • Converting a Utility Trailer into an RV to house us and the Motorcycle

    Utility Trailer RV conversion with room for the bike

    Utility Trailer RV conversion with room for the bike

    We wanted an inexpensive RV to not only sleep in on our travels but to house our motorcycle as well. So, we set out to convert a utility cargo trailer into a camping trailer. Continue Reading

  • Installing a Solar Charging System/Inverter in a Travel Trailer

    RV with solar panels

    RV with solar panels

    Our travel trailer exploring sometimes takes us to remote locations where site services are not available.... Continue Reading

  • Go “BIG” or just Go Camping…..

    Sunnyside Campground Cultus Checking In

    Sunnyside Campground Cultus Checking In

    Camping has changed – big time!  Just go to most campgrounds right now and look around.  What do you see?  Hotels!  Yes I said hotels – gone are the modest canvas tents of yesteryear.  Now they have separate entrances, vaulted ceilings, e-ports and solar adapters to charge your electronics.  And some even go as far as having air-conditioning units.

    I stopped into ... Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

    RVing - On the Road

    The vast and breathtaking landscape of British Columbia is the perfect backdrop for any RV trip. That’s why so many travelers are investing in these homes on wheels and setting out to see the sights and take in the natural beauty of this scenic and picturesque part of Canada.

    However, even the most seasoned traveler loves a bit of home comfort... Continue Reading

  • Camping on a budget

    Coolers on a picnic table and a tent in background

    Camping is simple- food and gear!

    Camping in B.C.’s great outdoors is still a totally do-able activity, even if ... Continue Reading