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Camping How To’s

  • The Cost of an RV Vacation in Canada
    Family RV Rental

    Family RV Rental

    Where will you go RVing and for how long? Will you buy a trailer or motorhome or will you rent one, and how many travellers will there be? What about additional expenses such as insurance and storage? Continue Reading

  • 7 Steps to Getting Your Camper or RV ready for the Camping Season
    RV Roof Cleaning and Inspection

    We have had two days in a row of sunshine and I like others who camp and RV are counting how many days until our first camping trip. Continue Reading

  • 9 Steps To Winterizing Your RV
    Winterizing Your RV

    Winterizing Your RV

    For those new to RVing we offer a few important steps you need to take to ensure your RV will survive the colder winter season. Continue Reading

  • Camping in British Columbia: Tips for First Timers

    With a little advance planning, anyone can have at least a “semi-successful” camping experience guaranteed to provide great memories. Continue Reading

  • Planning Your Perfect Road Trip in British Columbia
    Motorcycle Road Tripping

    Motorcycle Road Tripping

    Whether you have an extended period of time or just a few days over a weekend, with a little planning and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you too can plan a perfect road trip to discover some of what British Columbia has to offer. Continue Reading

  • Campers Etiquette – Is there such a thing?
    RV set up on campsite

    RV set up on campsite

    What is etiquette in a campground? Well, it’s the respect for others that starts upon your arrival at the Campground. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or do not have, what fancy toys you have – It is a respect for the fellow camper and the campground. Continue Reading

  • Planning Your First Camping Trip? Make it Easy
    Thompson Okanagan

    A good resource to help find all campgrounds (provincial, private, national and recreation sites) located throughout British Columbia is You can also make a reservation at some provincial parks at DiscoverCamping. For national parks go to Parks Canada Reservation Service. To reserve at a private facility, contact the individual campground. More information on Recreation Sites can be found at Continue Reading

  • Packing Your RV & Picking a Campground

    RV Consumer Shows a Great Place to Find New Camping Opportunities

    If you are new to RVing and have already decided on which RV will suit your family, you might need some tips on how to pack your RV and pick a campground. Continue Reading

  • First Time RVing In Winter – What To Know About Renting An RV
    Canadream RV at a campsite in the winter

    RVing in a campsite winter wonderland!

    My husband's family lived in the Arctic Circle before he was born, and his formative years were spent in Manitoba. So it should come as no surprise that he wants to go camping ... in the winter. I, on the other hand, don't really "do winter". I'm more of a rainforest girl. But I love to camp and amiss it all winter long. Enter the perfect solution, or so we hope ... a winter RV trip. All the adventure of camping, all the chill of winter, but with the comforts of home. Continue Reading

  • RV Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Exterior in Top Shape
    Setting up the RV

    Setting up the RV

    Go RVing Canada has created a handy checklist of maintenance tips to keep your RV exterior in top shape and I have added a few comments of mine gleaned from friends and a tiny bit of experience this year after I purchased my first trailer in July 2017. Continue Reading

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