Province wide campfire bans in place, Campers know before you go camping.

Camping How To’s

  • Where to Go Camping and RVing in British Columbia

    Ridgeview Resort, Radium Hot Springs

    Choosing the right campsite and doing the research, you must consider factors such as location, amenities, scenery, and activities available. The map located on allows users to search and locate over 1,700 campgrounds offering unique camping experiences. Here is an overview of the opportunities. Continue Reading

  • Planning Your First Camping Trip? Make it Easy

    RVing campsite

    RVing campsite

    The warmer weather is approaching so if you’re thinking about camping this year for the first time what you should know is that camping doesn’t have to be a complicated adventure. It can be easy, cost-effective and most importantly fun! Here are some tips to help with your planning. Continue Reading

  • 7 Steps to Getting Your Camper or RV ready for the Camping Season

    Camping season is here.

    We have had two days in a row of sunshine a couple times this month, and I like others who Camp/RV, are counting the days until our first trip. So, it’s time to plan the number of camping trips and prepare the trailer for the first outdoor adventure. Continue Reading

  • RV Maintenance Tips for Winter Storage

    Whether you’re new to the Trailer RV Lifestyle or a seasoned RVer, you’ll want to stay on top of maintenance so you can enjoy your Recreational Vehicle (RV) for many years to come. Exterior maintenance is a great place to start. Continue Reading

  • RV Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins and Minimize Camping Theft

    Arlo Go 2 RV Security Systems | Courtesy Arlo

    Whether people RV for months on end or a couple of times a year their unit is their home on wheels for as long as they make it. Just as you protect yourself on the homefront it’s smart to do so while on the road or at a campsite as break-ins and gear theft do happen. Continue Reading

  • Winter Camping for the Beginner in British Columbia

    First Time RVing in the Winter

    RVing in Winter | Canadream

    Winter can be a magical time to explore British Columbia and try new activities. Thankfully, there are many campgrounds and parks – both private and public – open in the ‘off-season’. Continue Reading

  • Eco-Friendly Items for Your Campsite

    GoSun Go portable solar oven | Image by GoSun-Go

    There are many ways we can be eco-friendly campers and RVers and responsible global citizens. Choose and use biodegradable and recyclable products and recycle and dispose of waste properly and safely while outdoors. Continue Reading

  • How to Respect and Observe Wildlife and Our Natural Surroundings with the BC Camper’s Code

    The Camper’s Code is a health and safety initiative that has nine simple rules that are easy to follow. When outdoor enthusiasts respect the rules, camping continues to be enjoyable for all and nature remains pristine and animals stay wild. This blog explains: Respect Wildlife, Take Only Photos and Control Your Pets. Continue Reading

  • Follow the Camper’s Code and be a Responsible and Safe Camper

    Practice Fire Safety | Parks Canada

    Store Food Safely, Don’t Litter and Practice Fire Safety are the next three easy-to-follow rules of the Camper’s Code. When outdoor enthusiasts abide by these rules, camping continues to be enjoyable for all, nature remains pristine and animals stay wild. Continue Reading

  • Be a Respectful Camper and Practice the Camper’s Code

    Pledge Sticker, BC Parks

    The Camper’s Code is a health and safety initiative comprised of nine easy-to-follow rules. When outdoor enthusiasts abide by these rules camping continues to be enjoyable for all, nature remains pristine and animals stay wild. Let’s examine three of these rules: Plan Ahead and Be Prepared, Respect Others and Respect Staff and Signs. Continue Reading