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RV How To’s

  • Keeping you, and your family dog cool while camping in British Columbia

    Keeping cool by the water

    Keeping cool by the water

    While most of us enjoy the hot, lazy, sunny days of summer, it is sometimes a challenge to keep cool and that goes for your family pet too. Here are some ideas that our family have found helpful on our camping trips.

    Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to overheating than other... Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

    RVing - On the Road

    The vast and breathtaking landscape of British Columbia is the perfect backdrop for any RV trip. That’s why so many travelers are investing in these homes on wheels and setting out to see the sights and take in the natural beauty of this scenic and picturesque part of Canada.

    However, even the most seasoned traveler loves a bit of home comfort... Continue Reading

  • Top 10 RV Driving Tips – Go RVing Canada

    Tips How to Drive an RV

    Tips How to Drive an RV

    The Camping and RVing BC Coalition speaks to many consumers at RV shows and often has to answer the question “I am new to RVing how difficult is it to... Continue Reading

  • First time RV’er Lessons learnt!

    woman on top of a mountain

    As a first time RV’er I was about to enter a whole new world I knew nothing about! It was so far away from my usual overnight hikes or walk in camping scenarios that I had no idea what to expect – but it was exciting!

    The first lesson happened fast- it turns out that planning ahead is the key! You cannot just decide a week out you’ll hit the road and expect there to be RV sites availab... Continue Reading