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RV/Motorhome Rental

  • The Final 5 Days in a Rental RV Exploring the Coastal Mountains of BC

    Fraser Cove Campground. Peter and a Sturgeon

    Having picked up our RV rental in Delta, BC the first five days of our circle tour took us to Manning Park, Merritt, Kamloops and on our 4th night we stayed at Pinantan Lake Resort north off Hwy 5. Continue Reading

  • A 10-day Tour in a C-Class Motorhome Exploring British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains

    pinantan lake near Kamloops

    I’ve always wanted to go exploring in a Motorhome from Vancouver to the Cariboo and to see some of the Coastal Mountains en route. So, we took a circle route that started out east on Hwy 1 and ended up back on Hwy 99 to Vancouver. In between we followed scenic Hwys 3, 5, the Fishing Hwy 24 and 97. Continue Reading

  • The Cost of an RV Vacation in Canada

    Family RV Rental

    Family RV Rental

    Where will you go RVing and for how long? Will you buy a trailer or motorhome or will you rent one, and how many travellers will there be? What about additional expenses such as insurance and storage? Continue Reading

  • Winter RV Adventure for Camping Newbies at Sunshine Valley & Manning Park, BC

    If only we had known how amazing RVing in the winter is, we would have taken this trip a long time ago! Our journey started in earnest on a Wednesday morning when we had made arrangements to pick up a rental RV from CanaDream. We had already checked in online five days before, uploaded required documents and information, paid our deposit and reviewed demo videos so we knew all about the RV we were renting before we arrived. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff who checked that all of our details were in order and then my husband and I did a thorough walk-through of the unit.

    For information on renting an RV check out the blog First Time RVing In Win... Continue Reading

  • First Time RVing In Winter – What To Know About Renting An RV

    Canadream RV at a campsite in the winter

    RVing in a campsite winter wonderland!

    My husband's family lived in the Arctic Circle before he was born, and his formative years were spent in Manitoba. So it should come as no surprise that he wants to go camping ... in the winter. I, on the other hand, don't really "do winter". I'm more of a rainforest girl. But I love to camp and amiss it all winter long. Enter the perfect solution, or so we hope ... a winter RV trip. All the adventure of camping, all the chill of winter, but with the comforts of home. Continue Reading

  • The Chilliwack River Valley: An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise

    Chilliwack River Valley - Ken Bramble

    Chilliwack River Valley – Ken Bramble

    About one and a half hours east from Vancouver Int... Continue Reading

  • RVing in BC is a Different World – And One I’m Starting to Love

    As total newbies, we had never been to an RV park, and had no idea what to expect – but everywhere we went, we were warmly greeted, given information on the area, advice on hook-ups, and, although I was more than pleased to see pull-through sites, there was always someone around to assist if you needed help reversing. And – they didn’t laugh! It really did feel like we were a part of a small community.

    ... Continue Reading

  • First time RV’er Lessons learnt!

    woman on top of a mountain

    As a first time RV’er I was about to enter a whole new world I knew nothing about! It was so far away from my usual overnight hikes or walk in camping scenarios that I had no idea what to expect – but it was exciting!

    The first lesson happened fast- it turns out that planning ahead is the key! You cannot just decide a week out you’ll hit the road and expect there to be... Continue Reading

  • RV Adventure Part 2: Reserving the Campsite

    A canadream rental RV travelling in the winter

    Where to RV in the winter

    So the W family has decided to take the plunge and go RVing, for the first time, in winter. With our RV booked (more…)

    ... Continue Reading