COVID-19 TIPS: Recreational camping and non-essential travel is permitted. Reservations are strongly recommended.

COVID-19 Camping and RVing Tips

COVID-19 Camping and RVing Tips

  • COVID-19 Tips for Camping and RVing

    Although British Columbia has consistently maintained a lower level of COVID-19 cases – the risk is still HIGH. When it comes to touch points and face-to-face gatherings, such as camping, we want to help minimize your risk with the following need to knows. While none of the advice is unique to us, it is important to know before you go camping and travelling about BC this summer.

    TIP 1: Handwashing

    One of the most lax areas is frequent handwashing, while camping and travelling. To remind you there are signs on every washroom and pit toilet asking us to wash frequently and remember, when you cannot wash with soap and water, hand sanitizer will do the trick.

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