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Packing, Setting up and Leaving Camp

Packing, Setting up and Leaving Camp


Being properly prepared for your trip is a must. Often, in the excitement, we forget to bring something essential (like a first aid kit). For your convenience we have created a checklist to download and print.

You have your spot, you’re ready to unload, now what?

Setting up Camp

Decide your areas:

  1. Cooking area: Choose an area away from the tent. Make sure there are no trees overhead, and there is a lot of space to move back in case of flying embers. Keep your food locked up tight and safe in the trunk of a vehicle or tie it up in a tree. NEVER keep food in your tent. Check out our recipe page.
  2. Cleaning area: Campgrounds typically have cleaning stations. Please don’t use bathrooms or drinking fountains to do your dishes. Be mindful of the flora while doing dishes and do not pour hot and soapy water because it will kill plants and flora. Use bio-degradable soap, and only dump gray water in designated areas or where it will do no harm.
  3. Tent area: Pick a spot with some shade. Also remember to pick a flat and smooth surface, preferably not at the bottom of a hill where water can collect. When you set up the tent keep in mind where the opening will be.
  4. Bathroom area: If there is designated toilets in the campground that’s great, if not choose a spot far enough away from your site and remember to dig a hole and bury.

Packing up Camp

When it’s time to move on here are some tips to make it easy:

  • Dust off gear as you put it away.
  • Sweep out the tent. When packing up if the tent is wet, be sure to set it up to dry it out once you arrive at home to prevent molding.
  • Clean the cooler of water and waste.
  • Put garbage in proper bins or double bag it to make sure it doesn’t leak if you pack it out.
  • Double check that fires are out. For more on fire safety
  • Once everything is packed do another walk around to see if you have forgotten anything.

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