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Tenting Gear

  • Choosing A Tent

    Choosing a tent is like choosing the right car: It’s personal because it should fit your needs.

    1. Top 5 questions to ask yourself What season/weather will you use your tent? Do you plan on carrying it on your back or packing it in a car? Is it just for you or is this a multi person tent? Do you want a second room in your tent for boots and wet clothing? Will you be tenting longer than a couple of days at a time? 2. Types of tents Dome Tents: easy to set up, easy pole design, stands up to wind and rain. Tunnel Tents: Low profile, easy to carry, popular with hikers. Cabin Tents: great for multi person, able to stand up, heaviest of the tents to carry. Tarp Tents: usually open to the weather, use in nice weather with bug screen. 3. Tent Properties ... Continue Reading

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