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Pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars in British Columbia’s outdoors reconnects you to nature bringing a sense of inner-stillness and tranquillity. Part of the tent camping experience is choosing your scenic campsite, setting up camp, calling your tent home and then creating treasured lifetime memories.

Whether you are new to tent camping or an experienced tenter, British Columbia (BC) has many perfect campgrounds just waiting for you to discover.

However, before heading out in BC’s great wilderness and pitching your tent it’s a good idea to be prepared. Please take time to plan your camping trip to help make your tenting experience safe and fun. To help you get started we have prepared some tent camping tips on: Deciding where and when to camp, how to Choose a tent, and how to set-up and pack up a tenting site.

Experience tent Camping. Inhale, absorb and re-connect with BC’s nature.

  • Choosing A Tent

    Choosing a tent is like choosing the right car: It’s personal because it should fit your needs.

    1. Top 5 questions to ask yourself What season/weather will you use your tent? Do you plan on carrying it on your back or packing it in a car? Is it just for you or is this a multi person tent? Do you want a second room in your tent for boots and wet clothing? Will you be tenting longer than a couple of days at a time? 2. Types of tents Dome Tents: easy to set up, easy pole design, stands up to wind and rain. Tunnel Tents: Low profile, easy to carry, popular with hikers. Cabin Tents: great for multi person, able to stand up, heaviest of the tents to carry. Tarp Tents: usually open to the weather, use in nice weather with bug screen. 3. Tent Properties ... Continue Reading

  • Deciding Where and When to Tent Camp

    Knowing where you are going tent camping before leaving is helpful for many reasons. It increases your safety by being able to tell others where and when you are going and for how long. Also you will know what to pack and how to get there. There are two types of tent camping Front Country and Back Country.

    Front Country campgrounds Best option for new campers and car campers. Have designated campsites and tent pitch. These campgrounds include: Private Campgrounds, Provincial Campgrounds, and National Campgrounds. Have amenities, such as flush toilets, running water, picnic table,... Continue Reading

  • Packing, Setting up and Leaving Camp

    Being properly prepared for your trip is a must. Often, in the excitement, we forget to bring something essential (like a first aid kit). For your convenience we have created a checklist to download and print.

    You have your spot, you’re ready to unload, now what?

    Setting up Camp

    Decide your areas:

    Cooking area: Choose an area away from the tent. Make sure there are no trees overhead, and there is a lot of space to move back in case of flying embers. Keep your food locked up tight and safe in the trunk of a vehicle or tie it up in a tree. NEVER keep food in your tent. Check out our recipe page. Cleaning area: Campgrounds typically have cleaning stations. Please don’t use bathrooms or drinking fountains to do your dishes. Be mindful of the flora while doing dishes and do not pour hot and so... Continue Reading

  • Camping Etiquette

    Camping is a time to get back to nature, spend time with Family and Friends, and just plain old relax. Sometimes when enjoying holidays our brains can tune out common sense and our behavior changes. Camping Etiquette is all about remembering to camp respectfully.

    Here are a few helpful reminders and tips on how we can all enjoy our camping experience for years to come:

    Respect fire bans. You can check out if fires are allowed by visiting the BC Wildfire Service website , some private campgrounds may not allow propane fires, so please check at the office when registering at your campground. Buy firewood locally to avoid transporting foreign species or disease into area. Often firewood is sold at campgrounds, local stores and gas st... Continue Reading

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