June 30, 2015

Camping With Your Dog and Need to Cool Down? Be Sure to Book Ahead as Campgrounds Experience An Occupancy Increase. 

Vancouver, BC, June 30, 2015, Vancouver, BC, June 30, 2015, camping with your dog this summer? As the heat wave continues throughout British Columbia, campgrounds across the province are seeing occupancy rates soar. It pays to reserve ahead! Also, be sure to back-pocket some cooling tips for you and your dog while camping in this warm weather.

Anne Philley, spokesperson for the BC Lodging & Campgrounds Association, just returned from the Okanagan, reports “Many of the private sector campgrounds are already experiencing a great uptake in reservations this year. Business is significantly up, partly due to the returning American campers, as well as the superb weather. It should be a good year all round for tourism.” She also recommends that “Campers reserve their campsite as early as possible to avoid disappointments, as popular campgrounds are full on weekends and can only put perspective campers on wait lists should a vacancy arise.”

To assist in locating your next campground gem check out Camping RV BC’s website it plots over 1,500 campgrounds (provincial, national, private and recreation sites) across the province. The CRVBCC interactive google map also plots freshwater fishing opportunities on numerous lakes stocked by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. As well, find hiking trail heads for BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails.

Tips to keep you, your family and your dog cool while camping:

Two wet dogs sitting by river

1. Find a campsite with shade, or make your own shady spot by  setting up  an  umbrella or canopy.  For your dog, you can build  your own shady  shelter by  supporting a piece of cardboard,  plywood  over two logs of  firewood, etc.
2. Pack a small inflatable kid pool, shallow rubber tub or even a  Tupperware  box to set up in your  campsite, keeping in mind the  size of  your dog. You only  need to add a few inches of water to cool  your dog’s  paws and belly. An added  bonus to cool down yourself,  is to use the  container to soak  your feet as well!
3. Wet a towel and place behind your neck. Have an extra one for  your  dog to  lie on to cool his  underside.
4. If your campsite is near a lake or river, consider frequent swims  for you  and  your dog. If your  dog has never swum, a doggy life  jacket or a  swimming  floaty could be an aid to introduce your pet  to water.
5. Hydrate. Drink lots of water yourself. Ensure your dog has a  container  of  accessible water in the  campsite at all times, and  adding ice cubes will  keep  the water cool. Also, chewing ice cubes  helps  reduce your pet’s core  body  temperature.
6. Protect yourself and your dog from getting a sunburn, especially  their  noses, by using sun  screen. Dogs are susceptible to skin  cancer and burn  like  us. Check with your vet about doggy-  block.
7. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to overheating than  others; dark coloured and/or long- haired dogs are at greater increase risk of overheating.
8. Don’t leave your dog in your parked RV or car in the sun with windows rolled up.

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Summer camping programs to check out:

BC Camping Story Contest 2105:
Dig out your camera and capture your BC camping story/blog with 2-5 pictures and 350 words or more for a chance to win awesome camping prizes. Included is the grand prize of an RV rental with a four night stay in a campground of your choice in British Columbia. Other prizes include complimentary stays at campgrounds, a cabin stay at Porteau Cove Provincial Park, fishing gear, Parks Canada Annual Family Pass and much more!

BC Parks Passport Program:
BC Parks Passport is an exciting program geared towards families, but BC Parks encourages everyone – especially those kids at heart – to join the adventure! Passport holders can choose from over 200 sites in B.C. to visit, including provincial parks and Visitor Centres. The BC Parks Passport program encourages passport holders to have fun and experience new places while collecting stamps/stickers towards wonderful and fabulous prizes.

Parks Canada Learn to Camp:
Want to try camping? Let us show you the ropes!
This summer, Parks Canada and Mountain Equipment Co-op ( are teaming up to present unforgettable Learn-to Camp experience in two of British Columbia’s national parks and historic sites. Learn how to pitch a tent, start a fire and stay safe around wildlife, while making new friends and enjoying incredible, breath-taking scenery. Camp overnight in a tent and enjoy an evening campfire in the outdoors! These family learning adventures provide you with the guidance and equipment you will need for a safe and enjoyable experience in some of Canada’s most spectacular outdoor destinations. Participants require some personal equipment and transportation to attend the program. A packing list will be provided to participants. Space is limited. Call 1-888-773-8888 to register.


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