There are those that want to “really” experience the winter outdoors – the true adventurists who avidly enjoy winter activities and must camp in a tent. Then there are those who want the comfort of an RV but still enjoy the challenge of winter.  The Camping and RVing BC Coalition has created a landing page featuring over 140 campgrounds and RV Parks that are open for business for the winter RVer!

Winter RVing in British Columbia is a one-of-a-kind experience. Waking up in a winter wonderland of snow while warm and cozy under a nice warm duvet in your winterized RV is many peoples dream. After breakfast you can get your winter snow togs on and be on your favourite ski hill or cross-country trail, beach hike or ice fishing hole in a matter of minutes!

Winter RVers come in two main groups – the snowbirds and the winter activity enthusiasts. The snowbird group are looking to get away from the cold and long winters in other parts of Canada from November to March and travel particularly to the West Coast and Southern BC Interior.  The winter sport enthusiasts generally enjoy short-stay weekends or week-long getaways around winter activities.

Need an RV Rental?

A number of rental fleets are offering winter rentals of their motorhomes. Canadream advertises that their motorhomes are “built for Canadian winter conditions with double pane windows and are equipped with a high efficiency furnace, generator, four coach batteries, interior winter cab blanket, and insulated and heated water and holding tanks”.

For winter rental rates and other information, see Canadream Winter RV Rentals.

Other rental fleets include Best Time RV, Cruise Canada and Fraserway RV Rentals – see

Winter RVing Blogs

Need more information on what to expect when winter camping? Our blogs, written by winter camping enthusiasts like you, contain great information on their winter experiences, from the first time RVer’s perspective to great places to visit; and some advice on winter things to do.

Winter RVing Tips

Here are some winter tips from our friends at Go RVing Canada – more tips are available on the camping and RVing BC Coalition winter page – check out the blogs at

  • Always have enough bed quilts and winter clothing around so that everyone can easily live through a furnace failure even if stranded by weather for several days.
  • Park your RV in the sun whenever possible. You’ll be amazed at how much a good winter sun can heat up your RV.
  • Park your RV on support boards. These boards will prevent your RV tires from “sinking” when the ground thaws.
  • If electricity is not a problem, use electric blankets at night to save on propane. Also, using a 1500-watt electric heater or 1500-watt ceramic mini heater will also save on propane and wear and tear of the furnace.
  • Make sure that the heat tape you buy can be crossed over itself, as this will provide the most efficient seal.
  • If you have a motorized RV, check your batteries for water level and periodically start your engine to keep everything in good running order.
  • To keep your RV battery charged, consider getting a solar panel system or an inverter.

Let’s go Camping! Upcoming Annual Events:

  • Mark your calendar for May 21 to May 26, 2019 to participate in next year’s annual event celebrating the RVing and camping lifestyle – Canadian RV and Camping Week.
  • Mark the weekend of September 6-8, 2019 on your calendar, as Canadian campgrounds coast-to-coast participate in the 2019 Camping Appreciation Weekend.


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