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off they go - fishing on Tunkwa Lake

Tunkwa Lake Resort in BC’s Gold Country – Come for the Loons, Not the Tunes

It was August long weekend and we were looking for a premier fishing destination, yet without too much travel. Tunkwa Lake Resort checked all the boxes, plus also added some sentimental value as it was where my husband learned to ride his bike many years ago.  Located just a one-hour drive from Kamloops, Tunkwa Lake Resort is on the other side of Logan Lake when coming in from Highway 5. It offers both campsites and cabins, as well as boat rentals. While we only stayed for the long weekend, many stay longer and the resort operates through all four seasons.

Tunkwa Lake – Fishing on the Point | Photo: L. MacDermott

Upon checking in we learned of the resort catch phrase – Come for the Loons, not the Tunes – and quickly saw this to be true. It was very quiet and peaceful throughout the resort at all times. This is the perfect location to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the world of technology. That is aided by the fact that cell phone reception is quite limited.

Tunkwa Lake – Off They Go | Photo: L. MacDermott

The first priority for us was getting ready to fish. We rented a boat and the staff were knowledgeable and helpful with getting it ready and orienting us to the lake. They also helped us pick out the best, tried and true tackle. Both kids enjoyed looking at all the tackle in the store and each picked out a lucky fly. The fish were jumping like crazy, although catching them proved to be much more difficult!

Loving Tunkwa Lake | Photo: L. MacDermott

The mark of a good fishing trip is leaving with a good story, and we had a doozy. Having been shut out thus far, the boys hit the lake bright and early Sunday morning. Finally, a bite! They reeled it close and my 7-year-old was anxious to help get the fish in the boat. Somehow during the netting process the line broke and the fish escaped, with the hook, line and the bobber in tow! Disappointment ensued of course as they watched the bobber swim away. But then it happened… a nearby fisherman who no doubt saw the events unfold was able to net the fish. He kindly delivered the fish to my son and we will always remember the one that almost got away!

The One that Almost Got Away | Photo L. MacDermott

In addition to fishing we found numerous ways to enjoy the area. Tunkwa Lake itself is beautiful and if you’re lucky you’ll even see the wild horses roaming the meadow on the other side. Also adjacent to the lake is Tunkwa Provincial Park with many campsites, a boat launch and access to nearby Leighton Lake. There are several day use areas as well as numerous hiking and walking trails to explore. We enjoyed the little path through Tunkwa Lake Resort that leads over to the point, just on the other side of the camping area. Many different kinds of birds can be spotted in the little lagoon, and a perfect bench awaits for you to take in the view, watch the fish jump or just sit back and enjoy the quiet. Much like many years ago, the resort is bike friendly. The kids loved that they could ride with virtually no traffic and their favourite destination was the playground. We also enjoyed the open spaces for bubbles and family games of tag.

Snack Time | Photo: L. MacDermott

Overall, our weekend at Tunkwa Lake Resort was everything we wanted it to be – accessible, peaceful and kind enough to provide rainbow trout for dinner!

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Published: August 15th, 2019

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