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Pender Island, British Columbia: The Perfect Weekend Away

If you are looking for a new adventure, why not consider one of the Gulf Islands situated off the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia? A few summers ago we decided to pick one or two Gulf Islands each year to explore, and Pender Island proved to be an excellent choice.

Port Browning Marina, Pender Island | C. Stathers

To get to Pender Island, you take a ferry either from Tsawwassen or from Swartz Bay. When planning your trip, remember to check the routes and schedules on the BC Ferries website because they vary depending on the time of the year. If you are travelling during peak times, it is well worth making a reservation.

On our trip, we departed from Tsawwassen south of Vancouver and stopped at both Galiano and Mayne Islands before arriving at Otter Bay on North Pender Island; it took a little less than 2 hours with no transfers. If you are coming from Swartz Bay (Sidney, Vancouver Island), then the ferry is about 40 minutes.

Explore One of the Beaches on Pender Island | C. Stathers

Pender Island is actually two islands (North Pender and South Pender) joined by a small one-lane bridge, which was built in 1955. The canal was dredged in the early 1900s to allow the passage of boats including the SS Iroquois, a steamboat ferry which provided transportation between the Gulf Islands, Sidney and Nanaimo. Unfortunately in 1911 it sank outside Sidney, killing over 20 people.

Picnic at Hope Bay | C. Stathers

We spent a lot of time exploring the 34 square kilometers of the islands; we wanted to see as much as possible on our few days there. Based on 2021 census data there are just over 2,400 full-time residents on the north island and about 300 on the south. It is the second largest of the Gulf Islands that we have visited: Salt Spring (11,635), Galiano (1,396), Mayne (1,304) and finally, Saturna (465) which we still have on our list to visit. It was interesting looking up the census data as I really had a sense that the south island was much less populated with a more rural/farming feel.

There is no public transportation on the island but, as with Mayne Island, they have “car stops” set up to encourage giving those travelling-on-foot a ride. Apparently Pender Island was the first island to start the program and it has been successfully running since 2008; it now has 29 stops.

Prior Centennial Campground, Pender Island | G. Stathers

When planning a place to stay, I would recommend Prior Centennial Campground on North Pender Island with 17 sites. There are lots of trails in the park and, for those interested in Disc Golf, there is a trail from the campsite to the Golf Island Disc Park. Reservations at this park are through the Parks Canada website. Speaking of golf, and considering that my husband is an avid golfer, we had to check out the Pender Island Golf and Country Club, a nine-hole course known for its challenging shots and beautiful views. 

Port Browning Marina Pub | C. Stathers

For those arriving on Pender Island by boat, there is moorage available at Port Browning Marina Resort near Bedwell Harbour. We had lunch at the pub on their patio and enjoyed the view and excellent food.

We also had a great picnic lunch at Hope Bay. For dessert we picked up some chocolates at Pender Island Chocolates. On our next visit we plan to have a lunch or dinner at the HUB at Hope Bay.

Our getaways always seem to focus on food and hiking!

Mount Norman Observation Platform | C. Stathers

We found some fun trails on North Pender around Magic Lake and will definitely return to Mount Norman on South Pender. We picked up Mount Norman trail head on Ainslie Point Road (just off Canal Road). The first part of the trail winds its way through the lush, beautiful trees before you start the climb to the summit which is the highest point on Pender at 800 feet. From the observation platform at the top, you will have a panoramic view of the surrounding islands, including Salt Spring.

The Pender Islands Museum is housed in a 1908 “kit” house in its original waterfront setting at Roesland in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. | Pender Islands Museum

Since I am a bit of a history buff, we had to visit the Pender Island Museum at Roesland in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (2408 South Otter Bay Road). Roesland is an old homestead with the museum in the historic Roe House. For 70+ years, it was the heart of the rustic Roesland Resort, attracting families year after year.

The museum website describes the Roe house as being built in “1908, and a “kit” house ordered from a Vancouver Island lumber company. All the pre-cut lumber was delivered to Roesland by barge and put together on its log base in about a week. Total cost for the three-bedroom house: $589.62!

It was a beautiful sunny day on our visit; we enjoyed tea and goodies in the historic Roe House. The property and buildings sit on Roe Inlet which has lots of easy walking trails around the property.

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Pender is perfect for a weekend getaway and year-round holiday destination. I would suggest a visit any season; whether you choose the busy summer months or the sleepy shoulder seasons, you will not be disappointed.

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BC’s Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Offers Rich Opportunities for Exploring

Mount Norman, Pender Island

Mount Norman, Pender Island

The Gulf Islands are one of those places I forget how much I love until I revisit them. Recently my husband and I packed up our truck and camping gear, loaded our motorcycle into the back, and set out to explore Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on Pender and Saturna Islands.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve was established in 2003 and stretches over 15 islands in the Salish Sea. Pender Island and Saturna Island have the largest park areas accessible by BC Ferries. Many of the other parts of the park are accessible only by kayak, sailboat, or powerboat.

No matter which island(s) you choose to visit, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve offers a wide variety of hiking, wildlife viewing, cycling, and watersport opportunities. The Gulf Islands are a place where time slows down, so make sure you plan lots of time for simply sitting by the ocean and relaxing.

What to Do

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve requires some extra planning to visit as destinations and park sites are scattered across many islands. Pender Island (actually two islands separated by a shipping canal dredged in the early 1900s) makes a great home base as it is (relatively) easily accessible via BC Ferries, offers several National Park sites on the island itself, and provides a great jumping-off point to visit other islands. On Pender Island, make sure you visit:

Roesland, Pender Island

Roesland, Pender Island

  • Roesland: A former holiday resort, Roesland today houses the Pender Islands Museum and serves as the operational headquarters for Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on Pender Island. Download the Parks Canada Explora App for a GPS-guided tour of the property and step back in time as you wander through the apple orchard, past the former seaside cottages, and out to the end of Roe Islet.
  • Mount Norman: Get your heart pumping with a short but steep 1.5 kilometre hike to the highest point on the Pender Islands. With spectacular views westward towards Victoria, Mount Norman is an excellent place to be as the sun dips low in the sky.
  • Roe Lake: For an easier stroll, take the moderate 1.5 kilometre loop around Roe Lake to visit one of the only freshwater lakes in the Gulf Islands.
  • Oak Bluffs: Another excellent place to take in the sunset, Oak Bluffs is another short but hilly walk with great views. From this location, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for passing Orca whales.

    Roe Lake, Pender Island

    Roe Lake, Pender Island

Saturna Island has the largest “chunk” of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve all in one area. The vast majority of Saturna’s interior is protected area, and as such, it is an ideal destination for an off-the-beaten-path experience. On Saturna, take time to visit:

  • Mount Warburton Pike: As the highest spot on Saturna, and in all of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Mount Warburton Pike offers commanding views over the Salish Sea and the surrounding islands. Take an old logging road to the top for great views, and then carry on along the ridge of the island by foot.
  • East Point: Home to a lighthouse since the late 1800s, East Point marks the transition between Boundary Pass and the Strait of Georgia. Pack a picnic and spend the day exploring sandstone cliffs and grassy meadows, and watch wildlife pass by right in front of you. East Point is home to the Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society (SIMRES), so you are in the right place to spot Orca whales, sea lions, seals, and a variety of sea birds.
  • Winter Cove: Make use of the Explora App you downloaded on Pender Island, and take a 1.5 kilometre guided walk at Winter Cove to explore the many types of vegetation found on the Gulf Islands. Take your time, and enjoy beautiful views of the Strait of Georgia along the way.

    East Point, Saturna Island

    East Point, Saturna Island

In the Area

On Pender Island, Brooks Point Regional Park is worth the trip all the way to the Southeastern tip of the island. The park offers grassy meadows and rocky shores, and the perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch. Pender Island also offers a variety of excellent places to eat and drink. Pick up beach snacks and a coffee or two at the Vanilla Leaf Bakery Café, sample local and amazing cider at the brand new Twin Island Cidery, and enjoy a glass of wine on the patio and a meal at the food truck at Sea Star Vineyards. Check in at the Pender Islands Community Hall to see what events and activities are on the menu for a truly local experience.

On Saturna Island, plan your visit to take in the Saturna Saturday Market where almost the whole island (all 350 residents!) shows up to buy local produce, preserves, locally made crafts, and artwork. Check the schedule ahead of time to see if you can time your trip to attend one of the excellent and informative SIMRES SeaTalks. We were lucky enough to catch a double feature about the Southern Resident Killer Whales and the Transient Orca Whales when we visited.

Tide Pools on the Gulf Islands

Tide Pools on the Gulf Islands

Where to Stay

On Pender Island, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve offers up three camping locations. There is a drive-in site at Prior Centennial, a walk-in site at Shingle Bay, and a boat-in site at Bedwell Harbour’s Beaumont Marine Park. All three sites are quite small, and reservations are highly recommended to guarantee your spot. On Saturna Island,  hike or boat access camping is available and can be reserved at Narvaez Bay. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve offers rich opportunities for exploration. You can easily fill a long weekend exploring the islands accessible by BC Ferries, but if you want to go further afield and into the boat accessible only areas, you will certainly need more time. Visiting the Gulf Islands is the perfect break from the rush of everyday life as it truly allows you to reset yourself to “island time” and get in touch with the beauty that surrounds you at Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

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Published: June 8th, 2017

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