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Camping in British Columbia Millennial Style

Many of us remember the “good old days” when camping meant hauling out a heavy, musty, canvas tent with way too many interlocking poles. Campgrounds had only basic outhouses and meals consisted of canned beans and hot dogs roasted over a campfire. That’s the way it was 25 years ago when we took our daughter Sondra, camping. Now that she’s a Millennial, things are changing! She recently called to tell me her friend had made homemade, “gourmet” marshmallows to bring on their camping trip to use for S’mores.

o’TENTik Parks Canada

The 2019 North America Camping report published by KOA, states that 1.4 million people tried camping for the first time in 2018. Out of those people, 56% were Millennials! It’s safe to say that Millennials don’t bring those heavy, musty tents with them. No, it’s more likely that my daughter and her friends enjoy “glamping”, a combination of glamour and camping. That means renting comfy RV’s or staying in campgrounds with yurts, cabins or even treehouses.  Sondra went to one campground where the staff had the fire ring ready to go with kindling, fire starters and larger pieces of wood to make a blazing campfire. She laughingly told me that three of her friends with Master’s degrees had never made a campfire before so the extra help was appreciated.  At the suggestion of a Pinterest account, one of Sondra’s friends brought silk sheets to use in her camping cabin.

As we camp in various locations, we often see Millennials sitting in their camp chairs with built-in cupholders next to their tents with integrated LED lights. We’ve noticed more campgrounds rearranging sites so larger groups can camp together. Millennials enjoy camping with friends, which allows for socializing while posting on social media!

Judging from the photos my daughter texts me while camping, social media plays a large role in why this age group enjoys camping. They want unique and interesting activities worthy of an Instagram photo to share their experiences with family and friends. By staying in a large tent complete with a Queen size bed and antique furniture, my daughter and other Millennials like her can post photos of their unique time camping.

Yes, the accommodations can be a bit more expensive, but as my daughter says, “Mom, I could spend the same amount of money having dinner at a nice restaurant with a few glasses of wine. Why not splurge and spend the weekend glamping in a yurt?” I’ve noticed more and more campgrounds are now adding tipis, stationary RV’s or deluxe cabins to appeal to Millennial campers.

Here are a few BC campgrounds which provide that “something extra” for memorable glamping experience. Remember…You don’t have to be a Millennial to enjoy the fun!

Kumsheen Rafting Resort: We had an amazing time at this resort, three hours north of Vancouver. Our wet and wild river rafting experience gave a great contrast when we returned to our large, cozy canvas cabin. Each cabin has a private deck and lounge chairs so you can recuperate from the exhilaration that follows your whitewater rafting trip. Tenting and RV spaces available also.

Barefoot Beach Resort

Barefoot Beach Resort: Here’s a chance to not only stay in a yurt, but to stay in a Yurt Village! 14 yurts with decks are connected with paths to get you in the community spirit. Bring your pet and choose from a studio yurt or one with two bedrooms so you can really stretch out. The campground offers a private beach near Penticton.

Woods on Pender Airstream Site

Woods on Pender: Want to try camping in an RV but don’t want to drive one? No problem. Woods on Pender has cabins in addition to eight shiny Airstream trailers. Spend the night in an air-conditioned RV that comes with a French press and gourmet coffee. Enjoy the comforts of glamping without worrying how to maneuver a large RV. Located on Pender Island, of course.

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Maybe Millennials are on to something. A few nights camping with pillow-top mattresses and gourmet marshmallows gives a whole new meaning to camping!

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Published: August 21st, 2020

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