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Gift Ideas for Your Camping Friends & Family

With only one month until the start of the holiday season, it’s time to bring you my Five Favourite Finds that make great holiday gifts for the avid camper or traveler. Or you may be just looking for a new item to gift yourself.  There are always things out there in the universe that we never realized that we actually needed until we see someone with something that piques our interest.  For me this happens every time I walk around a campsite.

The Outbound Breathable Neoprene Water Shoe

Because beach activities are rated as the number one thing that people like to do while camping, it goes without saying that the first item is beach related.  We lug enough items to the beach, so why carry more things than really necessary.  I don’t want to wear some sneakers to get to the beach and flip flops or sandals that are really not that easy to maneuver in the water.  The Outbound breathable neoprene water shoes, from Canadian Tire – A real game changer when it comes to the ability to “Walk on Water:”, okay at least rocks.  With the use of high-quality treads, this makes walking to the beach a breeze.  You may have to buy a gift card for your recipient as they may or may not have them in stock for the holiday giving.  But you may find it at another retailer.  Just look for a good bendable sole with a breathable upper.

UCO StakeLight Tent Stakes with LED Light & Emergency Strobe

I have not bought this item, but I think it opens up a whole new world to tent campers especially, but to all campers.  The stakes can be placed in the ground to mark pathways, guy lines and more, as they can illuminate for more than 10 hours using area mode and longer in the strobe mode.  Each one uses a single AAA battery and are over 10” long and 4” wide.  Imagine the ambiance these could provide.

The Heated Vest by Ororo

Do you limit the time you go camping because you’re always too cold?  Well, no more, get out there and go camping any time of the year, in any weather, thanks to the heated vest.  From a passing glance, it looks just like any other vest that you see fellow campers wearing.  The difference with this is that it has three levels of easy to press buttons, that will keep you toasty and you’ll be out for those crisp air walks in no time.  I suggest you buy one for a few family members, they offer savings when you buy more.

The Battery Buddy

It’s the camping gadget I didn’t know I needed until I saw one in action, and it made me want to purchase one right away and I did.  I have seen them at other retailers, but the one I have, I purchased from Costco.  Before I had batteries here and there, in this drawer, in that cupboard.  Sometimes it would be a dead battery I found.  Now they are in one handy little place.  I can fit AAA’s, AA’s, C, D and 9 Volt batteries and even better it comes with a tester so you’re not throwing out batteries or guessing if they’re still good at the end of the camping season.   I liked it so much I bought one for the home and one for the RV.

Portable Hammock Stand with Carry Bag

I camp 30 to 40 days a year at best.  Have you ever gone to a campsite with your hammock and the trees are not there to participate in hammock time?  They are either too far apart, too skinny, or too far away.  With this gift, that is no longer a problem because of the Portable Hammock stand with Carry Bag.  I purchased mine from Amazon.   I love setting up my hammock and spending quality time in it, reading and the occasional nap.  I did purchase an additional hammock, because it came with a mosquito net, which was great.  I can now relax, read a book, and not be bothered by the bugs or even the needles that drop from the trees.  With a regular conventional hammock in a tree, you can’t set it up in the rain but this one I can, I just put it up just outside my RV door under the awning.  It’s a real game changer for sure.  I’ll apologize ahead of time if you see me relaxing with it on a British Columbia beach – I intend to make use of the convenient carry bag the very next camping season.

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I wish you all the best for the holiday season and look forward to seeing your posts on the Social Channels about your new acquires.

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Published: November 23rd, 2023

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