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5 Gift ideas for the “Happy Camper”

Still looking for a Christmas gift for a camping enthusiast? One of these just might fit the bill. Below are five gift ideas to choose from.

Cake Taker
Cake Taker

1. A Cake Taker Has Lots of Uses

Sometimes you have to look outside of the box for a great “camper/RVer gift.  Gifts aren’t just for the intended use nor the intended person, sometimes it’s a gift that can have many uses and be used by the whole family.  My first great gift is a simple Cake Taker.  I have one that is a staple in my RV set up.  We like to have everything we need for our meals handy by keeping them outside on a table, but because of critters, we don’t like to leave our paper plates and napkins out.  Well not anymore – this takes the cake taker to a whole different level.  I place my Royale Chinet dinner plates and a stack of napkins and place them inside the cake taker and now they are protected from the little critters of the night. And the weather too.  This is available at most department stores.


2. LEGO is fun for Adults too

Don’t always look for a finished product to give as a gift or think that toys are just for kids.  Adults are one of the largest consumers of good ol’ fashioned LEGO.  Our camping group (AFOL’s as we are so deemed in LEGOLAND – which means Adult Fans of LEGO) love to receive LEGO kits. We have built an RV, Truck and Camper, boats, beach scenes and mini campsites. It’s a gift that brings everyone to the picnic table each and every trip and also offers a chance to demonstrate their building capabilities.

3. Lights to Brighten your Camping ‘Patio’

There are many necessities required for camping but each person you ask has a varied version of the list and lighting is always on it.  I bought a handful of these useful lights.  They have two levels of brightness and flash. Each one takes 3 AAA batteries and I hang them from the roofing of my pop-up-tent, strategically placed over the picnic table.  This makes it easier to see for a great late-night game of cards.

4. A Collapsible Wash Bin is a Huge Space Saver

When we pack to go camping we are always looking for lightweight items. I just love my collapsible wash bin. I purchased this one from Amazon but I’m sure you can get them at most department stores.  When it’s open it sits at 5” high and collapsed is only 2 ½” saving you packing space.  There is a lot of room for washing dishes as it is almost 15” X 11”, so big enough that you can wash larger items.

5. Relax at Your Campsite in a Hammock

Another gift that I think most would love to receive is a hammock. Everyone needs a comfy place to retire to during the day, to read a book, listen to the sounds of nature or just take a much-deserved nap. This lightweight nylon hammock can hold more than 350 lbs., so it is an excellent spot for two to cozy up and relax in.  Or, as I saw this summer on one of my many camping trips, when a mother and her three little ones set up on the site next to me.  The first thing she put up was the hammock which I thought was weird that she was setting up a relaxation zone before pitching the tent, but I soon realized that this is where the youngsters played swing whilst mom was making their temporary home, and everyone was safely swinging in the hammock and no one could fall out.

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Published: December 18th, 2019

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