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RVing is a different world – And one I’m starting to love

woman sitting on rock

As total newbies, we had never been to an RV park, and had no idea what to expect – but everywhere we went, we were warmly greeted, given information on the area, advice on hook ups, and, although I was more than pleased to see pull in sites, there was always someone around to assist if you needed help reversing. And – they didn’t laugh! It really did feel like we were a part of a small community.

The BC private RV parks are amazing… you can choose to have quiet time and enjoy the serenity of your own private site with a personal fire pit, surrounded by trees, squirrels or bushes; or you can join in on communal facilities and chat to fellow RVers – depending where you are – it may be like a resort – communal fire pits, pools, hot tubs, games room, fully equipped store, and on special occasions even social events!

Your RV has a full kitchen to cook your dinner and you never need to dine out anywhere! Your groceries (and more importantly cheese and wine….! 🙂 ) are chilled from the fridge, and there is enough power to keep it running all day and night even if you don’t move the vehicle! The kitchen and dining areas seem a little cozy at first, but as soon as you park and deploy the slide out, it suddenly becomes a quite spacious room!

A picture of wine and cheese

Cheese and Wine – The Important things!

Even within an RV park, it’s still so quiet and relaxing – which surprised me a lot! – the blinds block quite a lot of light, which means you can sleep in and wake to the birds chirping around you. Still close enough to nature to hear the birds, and enjoy the soothing sound of rain falling on the roof – but without getting cold and wet when you have to get up!

It’s so easy to pick up the routine also – we quickly felt like pro’s as we successfully navigated all connections, even escaping getting saturated as we twirled the water hose around, spraying water as we unhooked it… Surely there is a better way – but we never found it! We were often laughing so hard our neighbors came to see what was going on!

After a delightfully cozy and warm sleep, in the morning there’s no condensation on the tent, you can stand up, you don’t have to put on a thousand warm layers to go outside, your shoes and clothes dry out, and your hands don’t freeze turning on a camping stove and washing up. You don’t have to clean and pack everything into bear caches to keep you safe. Want a snack from the fridge? A cold juice? Need the toilet? Another jacket? Tootbrush? No problem, it’s all right there for your convenience! So easy! I can definitely get used to this!

For meals you can sit on the soft seats and enjoy the views without even leaving the comfort of your own dining room. Simply open the door to enjoy the view of the mountains / trees / scenery (as relevant) from one side whilst simultaneously people watching out the window on the other side! Perfect!

Checking out our fellow RVers setups was amazing – definitely a whole new world. It was SO interesting to someone like me who has never experienced the RV life. People had their own fancy BBQ’s built into the sides of their vehicles, fairy lights, flowers, windsocks, flags, decorations, large TVss set up on the outside with bar fridges – you name it! Apparently the tables at most RV parks are also the same sizes so you can even get custom coverings made to suit your individual style!

 An array of awesome RV setups

 Table cloth and lamp on picnic table

Parked RV with flags


The thing that sticks with me the most is how everyone was so friendly, so happy, relaxed and genuinely loving it – ‘Its a way of life’ they all said, and I can certainly see how they make it so!

RVing is definitely a different world… And one I am starting to love!

Published: January 26th, 2016

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by Karinya Kosh

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